Down Hill Into Oakridge

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Here's a photo from one of the more photgenic spots on my layout. This is the east end of the Oakridge yard where trains start the 2% climb up the hill to Cascade Summit. Here a west bound freight coasts down hill to obey a permanent slow order through the yard.

Bill Kosanda


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Hi Bill had a peek at your photos on your site. Nice layout. I'm a bit curious about the red on the ends of the spare rails in the above photo, never seen that before.

Cheers Willis


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Bill, nice layout indeed! Your site is beautifully done, and your layout is truly inspirational. But please don't tell me that it's always that neat!


Where are the flangers???

Well all i see that is missing is the flangers, the "snow flake" and maybe some old cabooses filling up those yard tracks. I did look at your website and its neat to see that you have not been intimaidated by the line. You were able to get a lot of the best highlights into a realatively samll space but still have room for opeartions. Good luck and keep modeling.

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I looked for a photo of what I was modeling, but could not find one. I'll go out and take aphoto and post it. What I am talking about is rails piled up near my house that are all color coded. I think they are marked because they are used and meant for scrap.

Bill, Very nice job!! Everything looks just excellant! The next time I catch heck for not finishing my basement ceiling first thing, I'm going to send them to your site. :eek:
I wish I had finished my train room ceiling before the layout went in. I guess the only trouble with a finished ceiling is the inability to locate the lights exactly where you need them, assuming you are using fluorescent fixtures like me.

Painted Rail Ends

I went out and tried to take a picture of the rail ends painted red. All I could find was these green ones. Not sure why they are marked, since they're used.



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Thank's Bill, I guess it's some kind of classification, something like "use on sidings only" or "ok for mainline", "condemed" ect. Thanks for trying, if you come across anything on it be sure to post.
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