Digitrax, WIFI and Decoder Pro

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I am considering downloading and using JMRI Decoder Pro for my Digitrax Zephyr Xtra system. The problem is, I do not have a computer in my layout room and there is no room for one, if I did. Would Digitrax's LNWI LocoNet WiFi Interface allow me to use my Computer's YIFI to connect to my layout or programming track?
Hi Mark -

If you are still looking for an answer to your question, I recommend the JMRI user group:

You must join to ask questions, but it's free. I don't have any knowledge of Digitrax, sorry.

Perhaps you have space in the layout room for a really tiny computer, this one might do the trick.

The computer is a Raspberry Pi running JMRI. In the plastic case shown above, it's 6x6x1 inches in size. The computer itself is a 3.5 x 2.5 inch circuit board. Some folks mount the RPi -- often just the circuit board -- under the layout. The keyboard and mouse are wireless. A display can be attached to a nearby wall. I use a spare 19-inch TV.

Just a thought!

- Jeff
Hi Greg -

The basic RPi board costs about $35-40. However, you might be better off purchasing one of the many starter kits offered by various vendors. These include a case, power supply, and other bits and pieces. Sadly, Western Digital has discontinued its terrific kit, which is what I'm using.

Some of the vendors selling Raspberry Pi kits include:

Many of these are available on Amazon.

Most of the starter kits include a preloaded SD card containing the NOOBS software, including the Linux operating system and a graphical user interface, which I have found to be easy to use.

I do not consider myself an expert on either JMRI or the Raspberry Pi, so please don't ask me any detailed technical questions. I do have JMRI running on my RPi, but it's not yet connected to my DCC system.

- Jeff


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I'm giving up on using WIFI and will be setting-up a programming track near this computer, using a Digitrax PR 4 to interface between confuser and the programming track. I found out that the Digitrax LNWI is an interface for your cell phone, so it can be used as a throttle.


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I guess I'm not like most of the folks who play here. I have one computer and no smart phones or tablets and like I said at the beginning of this thread, I don't have room to spare, to put a computer down in the basement where my layout is. I thought a WIFI connection between this confuser and my Programming Track on my layout, would be something that would be available, now at this high tech. point in our lives. However, after some thought, even if there was, being able to see the response of the locomotive on the program track is necessary, so the remote Programming Track next to my confuser makes more sense!


Section Hand

Here's what I use and constructed to put in front of computer keyboard. It stores out of the way and just plugs into the computer and a power supply. It can read and read the CV's of most decoders and also downloads sound files into Digitrax sound decoders.

Click on the photograph for more detail.


It's Digitrax PR4 system for about $80.00, with a piece of track and a two foot 1x4.



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Greg, You must have the PR 3, as I see a separate power unit. With the PR 4 I have coming, The power unit is included in the PR 4.

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