Dewalt chalk line chalk

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I just finished the CVMW 1820 bridge and was looking to paint and then weather. it. I needed to pick up some vent hose for the paint booth when I find Dewalt chalk. In red, black and orange. $1.39 for 8 oz bottle. Hell, why not. The red is a good color for rust, obviously the black is black but the bright neon orange. Anyway, once I finish weathering the bridge I will post some pics but so far I'm pleased with the chalk. I was bat nervous at first as the red comes in two types, regular and permanent. They only had permanent.

Anyway, anyone else try these chalks before?


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Can't say I have or heard of anyone else using Chalk Line Dust but at the end of the day it is chalk so it should work well. Interesting to se what you think and how it all looks.
Here are some pics before spray the matte clear coat. Im hoping the the clear will dull down some the color. The bridge was painted with Model Masters neutral grey and the track was sprayed with krylon weathered wood. Heading to the spray booth now to shoot the clear. More pics to come. Keep your fingers crossed!



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Hope that the matte coat doesn't reduce the effect of your excellent weathering. I have seen that happen when using chalk (I use it a lot) instead of commercial weathering powder.

So, here's after spraying the clear. After reading about a lot of people having their chalk dull or ever blow off, I thought this would do something similar. Maybe it's because the red is permanent but the black stayed in place just as well. The lighting may be a bit too strong but the areas I weathered to show the smoke stains didn't change much at all. Truth be told, I've never weathered with chalks before. I like what I see but I have a long way to go. Well, let me have your opinions.


That's showing some promising results. Wonder if you do several more layers in spots to get that built up rust look.
I was thinking the same to include going over the black as well. One end has good coverage but the other seems light. Some how I ordered 2 of this bridge so I have another one I can build. I was thinking of doing the painting and weathering prior to building so I can get more detailed. All in all tho, for $1.39 8oz bottle of chalk, I think I have a keeper.
Here's my finished bridge. The pictures don't really show the colors too well, probably washed out by the LEDs and it's my phone camera. Anyway, I like the way it looks but I know more could have been done. For my first real weathering of a structure and using different chalks then normal, I can't complain. I have the N Scale Architects Union City Station to build next so hopefully I can learn more there as well.

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