Coffee Table Layout

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Hi Bob. I'm a new kid on the block. Want to build my first layout N gage in a coffee table. I would appreciate hearing from any one that has done this.
Best Wishes Ted:) :)


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Back in the 1970's, maybe late 1960's, Model Railroader Magazine had a N scale project railroad, (thats where they build the RR, step by step, and show how to do it), called the East Glasstop. It was built into a coffee table.

If you are interested, simply go to and do a search in their magazine index. Search using East Glasstop. You may be able to order copies of the articles and/or the complete magazines from them.

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Ted: How big/small is a coffee table you are "looking" for
My layout is 125 cm X 90 cm...( are the 90 cm to large???) You can watch it under the thread: updating my "old" N layout.

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Coffee Table layouts have always facinated me, I just need a living room big enough for a coffee table to have one again. I used to have one, matter of fact is was my very first layout.

Good luck with your search.



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Some N Scale Pics

Welcome to the forum Ted , I just happen to have a coupl of pics from a Train show that shows a N scale in a coffe table. that is a good place to talk to someone about N scale. we also have a few N guys on here that I'm sure can point you in the right direction ! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to