CAPTY, LD LMT,LD WT..... etc...

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what does this exaxtly tell us about the weight of the car or what it can haul?

reason I ask is that I need to make some decals for 1930s era 50' wood sided box cars.

looking on the internet It loos as if this is a 40- 50ton car. what should I make the decals show that will indacate what weights it can haul?

thanks Steve..:) I have figured that out but what Im after is what the 3 indacate.

cars and trucks have GVW and GVWR etc... but have never heard of Capty ld limit or ld wt used in trucking..

ld that the max weight of a load it can?
ld Weight... is this the total weight of the car + load?
Capacity the nominal rating of the car.
Load Limit is the maximum safe limit.
Lt WT is light weight or the weight of the car itself.

If you weigh the car, theit should weigh is the CAPY + the LT WT.
The maximum it can weigh is the LD LMT + LT WT, more than that and its overloaded. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to