Building the Pinacle Creek Mining & Timber Co. RR

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Congrats Sherrel! A prize to be sure!

I'll throw my thanks in too, Jim, for your posts, your techniques, and most certainly for your trees!


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JIM -- I just have been loaded down with issues here lately. Please forgive me for not responding to this thread in a more timely fashion. I was pretty close to taking you up on your offer of the On30 - now, with the latest downturn of the markets - I just cannot do it at the moment with taxes (income and property) coming due.
I want to thank you for the diorama .. At the moment I have it sitting in full view with a couple HO freight cars in the dining room on the serving area adjacent to the table. I wanted to place it on the mantle in the family room, but did not realize that the board on the top of said mantle is only 6 inches wide. I may wind up with it in the upstairs bookcase that surrounds the large flat screen TV if I can convince the Spousal Unit to move some of her "never read" books aside?
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