Building the Pinacle Creek Mining & Timber Co. RR

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It will be the standard photo comparison. However, there will be a twist this time. NOT telling. There will be FOUR correct answers. My wife has still not worked it out in weeks. Should be fun. heh, heh. Nothing but the best for you all. Jim
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First, please do not enter this Contest if you are not willing to pay the shipping costs of the diorama. We mentioned this before.
Second, feel free to play on your own and see if you can beat the contestants.
Third, naturally do not voice your opinions on this site until Contest is over. Don't ruin it for contestants. Thanks. Jim

Fourth, this will be a photo comparison Contest like most of the previous Contests. VERY IMPORTANT: Do not post your three answers unless you are sure you are correct. As stated there are four differences.

Fifth, the first photo is the TOP PHOTO OR FIRST PHOTO. The second or lower photo is the BOTTOM OR THE SECOND PHOTO. Make sure you are clear. You are required to compare the TOP PHOTO to the BOTTOM PHOTO. For example: The robin in the tree in the First/Top Photo is missing in the Second/Bottom Photo. Get it?

Sixth, first three correct observations wins. Time is longer than normal, you will see why at Noon. If we can't get a winner we can have a lottery or something.

Seventh, you will see a tree in each photo with a RED dot. Disregard this tree. This is the one my kitty ate and is out of the Contest.

Eighth, since this for a million views and a pretty good prize I have included a new angle for you. You will know it when you see it.

Ninth, have fun and good hunting.

Thanks for your support through the years. I really appreciate it. I've not advertised this Contest so I have no idea how many contestants we may have. Maybe just the regulars, but anyone is welcome. Good luck. Jim:)
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Neat contest. I have spotted two differences (unless upside down is actually the third), but I do not wish to enter. I have no place for the diorama and I really don't have time to look for the third right now. Good luck to those who enter. I may come back later to see if I can spot the third.


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I think I've got them... However, as I still have a ton of trees to plant from the last contest, I'll give someone else first whack. :)

Great photos and phenomenal work on the diorama, Jim!


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KB02, I think no one would begrudge any single person from winning every Contest. At least I would hope no one would.

I will say this however, "I'm not going to tell you that you, or anyone else, got only two right or one right." Too big a hint. If you choose to give us your list I will warn you to be very explicit on describing the choice that is probably holding folks up. I want it this way for this Contest. Two are quite simple but the third will need some 'splaining' as Ricky used to say. Jim:eek: I hope you are all old enough to remember I Love Lucy.


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Hopefully Ian didn't give the game away. Rules are rules. So if you are fairly new here write out your answers. Don't show a circled photo.:eek:
However, he did find fourth choice. SO NOW THE CONTEST NEEDS FOUR CORRECT ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ian knows the rules now but his answer was wrong if any of you took notes. Remember, FOUR correct answers decide the winner. Good luck. Jim
PS I have a hunch my kitty had a way with something I missed, so now four.
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