Building the Pinacle Creek Mining & Timber Co. RR

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Thanks all.

RR, Many folks don't care for ballasting. I don't 'like' it, but it is a necessary evil. Ergo, On30. I'm not fond of using this foam road bed either. It makes for less noise, but ballast doesn't adhere to it like it does to cork. I used this foam, 'cuz it is all I had!

I'm going to show you and all what I think is the best way to use foam roadbed. First: add some Eileens or WS Foam Tack glue.


Spread with finger or flat edge.


Add your ballast, pat down and let dry for a couple of days.


I'll be back after the site redo next week and we'll see if this method works. Jim


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Thanks all. Dan, I'm building this diorama as the prize for 1,000,000 views in the next few weeks. Jim
Bob quietly edits a few things in the database... Hey, look, 1 millionth view! I win!!!

Went to a local art show, and a friend of mine won 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place in the "emerging photographer" category. Pretty damn impressive, right? Well, there were only 4 photos entered, and they were all hers, so hitting a grand slam wasn't too hard in this case.


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I'm sure I saw somewhere in the fine print that owners and employees of the site are banned from entering or receiving prize/s in competitions, Sorry Bob, that lets you out

Ooops, that lets me out too! Protest lodged!


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I'm sure I saw somewhere in the fine print that owners and employees of the site are banned from entering or receiving prize/s in competitions, Sorry Bob, that lets you out...
I’m quite sure that bit got deleted during the server upgrades. (Click, delete, click)
I read that some time ago Toot. But with the new change over Bob and you are more than welcome. I would just give him the prize if he could get my over-sized photos to load!! Jimo_O
Toot, No soap. Old wives tale. If you use WS Scenic Cement Spray there is no need. If you mix your white glues with water and spray or use an eye dropper then yes, use soap. Jim:eek:
I'm finished with the picture diorama! In this last photo you will get Jim's answer to the age old question: Ballast first or ballast last. Exciting!
If you compare the photo above you will see ballast last. Not really my idea of nice and neat; looks sloppy and careless. Fair enough, it is. So does this mean ballast last is wrong? Nope. But it can be if you want it to look really clean and tidy. Not for me. So in this photo:

You see wet edges. On the right side of the track I wet it with WS spray glue with an eyedropper. I added a mini bit of simple gray ballast along the edge to just cover the mainline ballast. The I added glue. After the glue I added a light brown and brighter green static grass to simulate where water collects. Glue it again and there is your answer: yes or no. In the best of good fence riding I do scenery first, Ballast second and blend the ballast in to the soil third. Looks good to me! he, he. Jim:D PS You can also see the trees I'm using.
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For what it's worth, I always ballast first for the reasons you mentioned. What you have done, both ways, looks very good though and realistic as always.




This photo diorama is 2'x1' and it is heavy. If you want to enter the "What is different between the two photos" contest you will be required to pay shipping charges. I will box it and take it to the UPS facility and I will insure it for $500. This is a standard charge for this diorama if someone asked me to build them one. I'm just guessing, but shipping could be as high as $75. I just don't know. This will go ground or anyway you may want it and pay for. If the winner is close then drive to San Diego to get it.

At this point we are only 20,000 views away so if you are interested get your affairs in order. Contest will be around two weeks from now.

Since this is a small space the Contest will be like most of the others, but I will only have THREE DIFFERENCES.

I hope this works for you. Comments are welcome. Jim:)

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