Building the Pinacle Creek Mining & Timber Co. RR

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Thanks Toot, Up to Page 161 now, but any new 'system' is making me groggy and I'm stopping for a bit to recharge my batteries. Page 161 is the starting page for the Southern Division. So the original PCM&T is complete as I could remake it. Jim:D
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Happy New Year to you too, Jim!

Since You're up to page 222, and there are only 443 pages so far, that makes you officially 50% one. Photobucket is not on my good side either. I've got over 1200 photos stored on their site and the only way to get them off is to download them all one at a time. With a couple of little one running around the house, I don't know if I have the time to rebuild any of my threads, though.
KB02, Hiya. photobucket can have mine. There simply using their server space. Screw 'em. It is not easy going through my albums to complete this job because my lousy memory is over worked! Cheers, Jim:eek:
Okay, it looks like you all are serious about 1 million views. As promised my 'last' model railroad endeavor will be the prize. An 11.5"x24" diorama. It will be of the best quality I'm capable of naturally. It will be HO scale because this is an HO thread. Of course I will take update photos as I progress. First one below.

On another point, this site seems to have put a terrible hdcp on me and others with a size limit on photos. I had to shrink this one to get it to post. I guess unless I get some special dispensation I will have use zoomed in photos that tell the story instead of full photos. Jim:(

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Size limit photos or not, I'll be watching your endeavor with great interest. Hopefully I'll learn something, knowing how high the bar will be.

Perhaps the size limit has to do with the initial display posting? When you click on the pic, it pops right up in a much bigger size - that can still be zoomed in on.
Next is an easy step. I used left over Woodland Scenics Risers for the track bed. I put the track area about 40% from the front. Don't place the track bed down the middle of your base, it doesn't look right when finished. I used WS Foam Tack Glue for all gluing. Jim

IMG_0905.jpg IMG_0906.jpg You can see my cat is not really interested. Jim;)
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Sorry all. Flat on my back or side for three weeks.

Here is work from this morning.

I put some plaster cloth on the front of the shelf to dry and fold back so the wooden front of the shelf shows. IMG_0910.jpg

Next I put some rolled newspaper. I will cover it with the plaster cloth. After which I will use crumpled newspaper. I do it this way for planting trees. Give the truck something to go into so it won't move. Jim

Thanks guys. Here's some more progress on the diorama. IMG_0912.jpg The old stand bye news print.

IMG_0913.jpg The fold over from the front with plaster cloth. Spray with water on the cloth for this step.

IMG_0914.jpg Almost all covered now. Unless I can find some foam putty around here I'll have to go to my LHS.

Lynn, I love watching me work as well. Tank is almost empty however. That said, here is what WS Foam Putty is all about.


What a great invention the putty is. Notice the holes and ridges from the plaster cloth?

IMG_0927.jpg Same scene smoothed out using foam putty. Two days drying and we'll be ready for some color. Jim is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to