Building the Pinacle Creek Mining & Timber Co. RR

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Contragulations Ed, And Jim thanks for all the insperation you give and the talent you share with everyone. I enjoy following this thread even if I don't contribute, I still love following along.


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Moving on: I've been in the hobby for about a dozen years. During that time I've made a couple of small contributions to the hobby. Back in 2007 Micro Trains came out with plastic ballasted track. Z scale needed that product. I was moderator of the largest Z scale site in those days. Soon folks where in a panic. "When will MT come out with smaller pieces of track?" Basically anything larger than a simple oval would mean some serious pushing and pulling. So I came up with this:

IMG_3110.JPG Measure the section you need to cut out.

IMG_3347.JPG Cut twice through center of holes

IMG_3112.JPG take the piece out

IMG_3113.JPG Clip off the beads that hole the track to the plastic.


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Part Two

IMG_3114.JPG Push the road bed together and snip the rails

IMG_3346.JPG Pushed together nice and neat. Key is to saw through the holes

IMG_3348.JPG Not too bad.

This small offering still gets me thank you's ten years down the line. Jim :rolleyes:


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Next up is more a contribution to Z Scale than model railroading as a whole. As Z began to grow up around 2008 there was some bridges and a few kits and most of the rest was scratch built. For those making layouts on very important thing was missing-a turntable. I put my mind to the issue and came up with a turntable easily built by anyone who had $5 to spare.

IMG_4166.JPG What parts will I need?

IMG_4167.JPG 1/4" plastic strip from you LHS. Two N scale gondolas.

IMG_4168.JPG Top of a Big Gulp plastic cup.

IMG_4169.JPG Turn the N gondolas upside down. Cut to length and glue. I put some wood strips along the track. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to