Building the Canyon Diablo Bridge

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D&J RailRoad

Professor of HO
Fiiinnnnaaallllllyyyyy sat down and did a little work on the bridge this afternoon.
This little bit of work, installing the inspection outboard walkway with handrails, took about 1 1/2 hours. There are a lot of steps that I did out of sequence which is why it took so long. I still have to trim away the excess material from the uprights and then do the same type of platform on the other side of the bridge. Two more will have to be installed at the other end too.

Inspection Walkway.jpg


Whiskey Merchant
That is some really tedious work, but well done. AT my age I don't think I would even attempt anything like this.

Nice to see you getting back to the bridge. Too nice of a feature for your empire not to complete.
With summer pretty much over and Halloween prep is done, I can get some work done on this bridge. Yeah, going on two years since I started this project. Didn't count on so many motorcycle trips this summer, but then, this was my first summer after retirement and the Harley was just sitting there.


Whiskey Merchant
Nice to see you back Ken. Nothing wrong with taking trips. Nothing worse than having a Harley sitting around without a rider and places to go. Having recently retired I also find myself a lot busier also.

I am looking forward to see your progress with the bridge. Can't wait to see train rolling over the bridge. Welcome back.


Plucked Tailfeathers
Staff member
AND to think that I rushed in getting those ties cut ... Jeeze!
With your past summer, may be a ;itt;e hard to settle back down into the intricent work on thse catwalks again.
Don't rush it - You were really doing well.
No, not drinking .. just trying to type in the dark.

D&J RailRoad

Professor of HO
I had planned to do some work today but forgot that I had scheduled an A/C tune up on my heat system this morning. Then had a lunch meet with the guys in town. Need to tighten up the kickstand on the Harley then hopefully get some work done on the bridge catwalk parts. Thursday night football should give me some calm to work into the evening. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to