build masts for a lift bridge in "ho scale"

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Hello, dear friends modelers,

I need your support to build a bridge in miniature. The bridge will lift bridge type with 4 poles, nonfunctional extremities. But I miss him, diagrams for building my project. So if any of you know how to build one, with the necessary equipment or Internet connection, your help I will greatly appreciate.

Thank you in advance for F40-ph2.

Gary B

The Fox Valley Railroad
Well F40-ph2, I see no one replied so I'm thinking that I may not be the only one that's having trouble understanding your question. I'm not sure what you mean by masts for one thing. Here's a site that perhaps has an example of what you are trying to expain. As they say a picture is worth a 1000 words. Good luck in your quest!
I'll explain myself better. I want to build a lift bridge. But this bridge is identical to one found near the Victoria Bridge in Montreal, the locks of Saint-Lambert. What I look for is charts (scale image), website. I put my message in the type of bridge I want to achieve.
this picture use for example.

PS: The bridge will lift bridge type with 4 poles, nonfunctional extremities.And The structures are those used to raise the bridge and are connected by a system of weight-cons (the 2 rectangular block in the picture)


Long Winded Old Fart
Most verticle lift bridges have large wheels at the 4 corners to lift the bridge w/cables. The end pieces go down & block the track so the train won't plunge in the river. It could be made pretty easy using a small gear head motor(12v.) & heavy string or nylon fishing line, If you need pictures of the bridge I can post them. Most of these bridges are about 75ft tall because I use to jump off of 1 when I was a kid in Miami, Fl.

Gary B

The Fox Valley Railroad
Ah yes, kind of what I thought you meant. I was confused by your term mast. I pass by a massive bridge like that everyday but the 'masts' portions are two towers. I thing that is more prototypical. Mind you I've never built this type of bidge, but I would start by browsing for Plasticstruct. They have all sorts of structural parts in plastic that you could combine to make your bridge. It looks like the builder in your photos took a truss bridge and added the masts from parts. I do not know a good place for plans, perhaps someone else will chime in.

Gary B

The Fox Valley Railroad
vous êtes les bienvenus

I took two years of French in high school and still had to cheat with a translator program for the above. Good luck on your project, post pictures.
I am in the process of building one of these in HO Scale.
At this stage have only the base which is an:
Atlas HO Code 100 Plate Girder Bridge.

This afternoon I will be out shopping for the various types of girders I need to make the towers.
I have a few HO plastic wheel sets I will be using for the pullies at the tops of the girder towers.
For the counter weights I have some balsa wood strips that I will glue together and then trim to fit.

When I work out how to post pictures here I will put some up so you can see the bridge as it progresses.

Best regards

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