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Does anyone know where I can get a plan for a wooden tressel bridge or viaduct? I want to build my own since I haven't found one that I have been happy with. Since I'm freelancing my own railroad...... My bridge will be 2 lanes and rather long. So it can be an arch or whatever, I'm just looking for plans so I can have a start. Thanks in advance.
I LIKIE that!!!! I could probably make my own from that. Now do you think if I made one 30 inches long, it would be wise to put a concrete support from the center under the bridge to the ground? Or would 30" support itself from end to end? It's my own design, but If it's IMPOSSIBLE for a bridge to support itself when it's that long, I want to at least get the idea right.
Simple mistake. So the 30" opening will work. It doesn't matter anyways. The opening in the benchwork is that size, but I can use the 2" white foam to build the sides down. I'm gonna go with the 30" I may even make a concrete support from the center to bottom just cause it looks cool.


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That bridge is just under 17" long, or just over half of your open span. I've seen a lot of photos of these types of bridges doubled up end to end with a center support.
Chemdawg - you inquired about a 2 lane, wooden trestle bridge. Is this for auto or rail traffic? and did you mean trestle or through truss bridge? Wikipedia has a good pix of a wooden trestle bridge

A good program to design your own for an understanding of forces is

If you are designing a rail bridge, you may want to consider a gauntlet track bridge - very unique.

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