Brass 2-8-2 Project

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Sherrel, Did he do it for you? I know his name. I believe he posts on one or more brass groups I belong to.
ALAN -- Did the link work for you? I was not sure it would unless a member of the site.
Wish I could say yes, but I doubt I could afford his work these days with the crashing market!

I have a very few brass locos - including an O scale Alco RS and a D&SL 2-6-6-0 that are with someone in NM that I have lost contact with. Mostly liquidated all RR during a divorce and never have been able to get back with the program. :mad:


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OK folks here they are. 3247 is a Balboa Mk-5, a heavier 2-8-2. 3201 is an early Mk-2, lighter smaller drivers. both types lasted until the end of steam. The heavier Mk-5 could be and was used in passenger service. Enjoy. Questions welcome. I have another Mk-5 on the bench now, as well as an Mk-4. Work work work!!

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Those must be builder's photos. I didn't think SP hawgs ever looked that clean! ;) Seriously, both beautiful jobs. I've got one (1) brass locomotive my wife bought me some years ago, but I have left it "naked", as I don't do airbrush work. I can justify that bare metal by saying it is the Burlington Route's Golden Anniversary, and they painted it gold (which they actually did do to a couple of steam locomotives).


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You might be surprised. It depends on when, but in the post war period, they were pretty well maintained, as the company image was important. I heavily weathered a GS-6 once and got scolded by an SP guy who said the only time one would look that bad was in the dead line. In the late 50's they anticipated heavy traffic which never came due to a recession. Locomotives were overhauled anticipating heavy demands, then never used. Many actually went to the scrappers after major maintenance with fresh paint! So much for the SP history lesson though. The 3201 belongs to a collector friend of mine. He never wants his models weathered. He does like the "freshly shopped" appearance, so his get flat coat on the running gear and trucks with a matte finish on boilers & tenders. My own, the 3247 will get a light weathering after debugging on the layout. I've seen photos of that gold 4-8-4. quite a novelty! I also have a piece or two that won't see paint. Some collectors prefer unfinished models. They display them like art. I get that, but mine have to work for a living! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to