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Wondering how many people out there have the old Avalon Hill game Rail Barron? Or Mayfair games Empire Builder, Euro Rails, or Japan Rails?

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Have them all. For a while I had almost every rail game published (even one from 1889). Then in recent years they have been coming out with so many so quickly I cannot keep up. The Rail Baron game has returned to its roots and how it was before Avalon Hill. One can now purchase it brand new. It is called BoxCars see link below. Don't pay the $120-$200 for an original AH RailBaron. There are also some expansions for the game that include Canada and Mexico plus expansions for more railroads (one I designed myself).

There are bunches of railroad board games but there are also series.
  • The Crayon Games - Empire Builder is the first. it is followed by British Rails, Euro Rails, Nippon Rails, India Rails, Australian Rails, Lunar Rails, etc. In these games one draws their railroad to connect cargo to target destinations. We have special rules for "cashing in cards" to prevent players from just trashing cards to get an "easy" set.
  • The Tile Games - 1830, 1828, 1856, 1870, etc. and Railroad Tycoon In these games the tracks are tiles that connect cargos through stations. One tries to build routes where passing through as many stations on a given run creates points toward winning.
  • Ticket to Ride - east us, west us, Europe, etc.

some of the major ones that I own are ---
Age of Steam (couple of expansions for it)
American Rails
Oklahoma Boomers
Rail Barons
Railroad Barons
Railroad Empire (well this is not a major one)
Silverton (three versions of this plus a New Mexico expansion, and also our favorite)
Rails through the Rockies (great for a new years day marathon)
Telluride (just like Rails through the Rockies but in a different map)
TransSiberian Railroad (similar to the Ticket to Ride games)
Railway Rivals / Dampfoss - same game under different titles.
Union Pacific
C&O/B&O (also an Avalon Hill bookshelf game)
Baltimore & Ohio plus expansion packs
that is all I can think off off the top of my head but I know there is at least another series where the main focus of the game is acquiring railroads through the stock market. I've got at least 4 of them, so I don't know why I can't think of any of the names.

There are now at least 4x more railroad related games that I don't own, and that is not counting the more juvenile Children's type (including one by Lionel).
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Wondering how many people out there have the old Avalon Hill game Rail Barron? Or Mayfair games Empire Builder, Euro Rails, or Japan Rails?
Cleaning the shelves this morning, I came across two copies of "New England Railways". I don't remember buying them, or even having them. Anyone ever played?
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