BIG BOY 4014 . Color references?

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I've got a Big Boy model from Rivarossi that I would like to refurbish. Well, in fact I NEED to refurbish it, from electronics to painting. And here is where I've got the issue. I would like to model the "new" Big Boy #4014. Could you give me any clue on the grey tones used in this engine? Is there any color reference related to Humbrol, or Vallejo, or whatever? Thanks in advance.

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Juan Antonio


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Don't use solid black. Use some Testors Model Master Engine Black. That's what I used on my 0-6-0 #4439.

Solid black is not a good color for a steam engine, IMHO. The firebox and smokebox should be graphite-silver.
The 4014 smoke box is sort of silver grey and can darken with use. In looking at the photos of the 4014, I would experiment with airbrushing a silver base coat on the smoke box, then lightly airbrushing grimy black thinly over the top of that. Airbrushing the grimy black should be done very slowly and lightly from a bit of a distance.

You should look at some photos on the internet as a guide, and you should test the technique on something other than the engine to get the technique and feel for the result you want. The prototype appears to have blackened a bit with usage from the smoke. Not surprising.

There may be a better choice for a base coat than silver, especially in Vallejo which has a pretty huge pallet choice available.

Be aware, these are not things I have done, just things that come to mind that I'd try if it were my project. I'd prefer using a double action airbrush so I could ease the grimy black on and keep it even.
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Thanks a lot for your answers.

The Great Divide, I wish it was as simple as that, believe me... :)
Yes, may be it looks black at first sight but I know it is not solid black as flyboy2610 has pointed out. And as you all have suggested I will do some tests with graphite-grey for the smokebox and firebox.
Deanej, I will do some tests using silver base coat and I will also test some grays from the "Metal Color" range from Vallejo.
I am waiting to receive a special issue from Kalmbach on the restoration of #4014...
As soon as I get a decent model done I will post pictures here.

Thanks a lot for your help, friends.

Kind Regards,

Juan Antonio


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I use Testors "Steel" color with 2-3 drops of flat black in it as smokebox color. As newly repainted 4014 is gloss black. You can tone it down with a little clear flat. AFTER you put decals in place. The BB now has dual steam turbogenerators.
Thanks for your answers too, Y3a and deanej. I think that Vallejo could have a very similar color to graphite for the smokebox. I have to check that.


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There are several possibilities for Smokebox Gray. It depends on what you're shooting, solvent based or acrylic. For solvent based I use Scalecoat, and their smokebox gray (non metallic) is very good:

There is also a metallic version:
GS-5 1.JPG

Or this color which is four parts of their "Graphite & Oil" and one part Engine Black:

I think the first one is closest to what you want. My $.02 is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to