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This is turning out to be quite a project. Next problem to solve is how to "mount" people.

I have glued most down to some spot on the pike and they stay they forever. Now with the fire service and the two new buildings on "fire" I need to have the firemen / women -- just to make nice -- to "move" around, or disappear off the pike for a time. This is so I can position them for the fireground scene, then move them around then after the overhaul and mop up, move them off the scene, and back to the box -- or in this case the fire house.

I was thinking of some kind of "soldier" type of base, like we had with toy soldiers when we were kids. You remember those don't you? I do -- anyhow -- how big do they have to be, what to make them out of so they don't look funny, like the soldiers green pads....

I was thinking of using white plastic squares about 1/2 square, and paint them black -- like the roads are -- so it would not look too obvious that the firemen are stuck to the ground.

ON another note, wait until you see what I am doing with "water" -- my experience with building a waterfall has paid another dividend. This should look nice. Again after the fire is out, that as well goes back into the box and awaits the next fire ...

The building on fire thing is coming along nicely - smoke is pouring out of the place with the Seuthe unit working hard deep inside and the internal smoke is adding to the flashing lights. Something else you gotta see.

Finally - I KNOW A LOT -- how do you post a MP4 on this site?

Thanks for your help !!! I really appreciate your input.

The Aerojet
An older modeler used to cut a straight pin in half, heat the blunt end and melt it into the foot or leg of a figure.
Drill a hole where you want to place the figure and insert the pin with figure.
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