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I know a lot has been written on backdrops, and lots of people like to do their own. I thought I had a decent touch for that but turns out - naww, I really don't. So in the last year I have tried a few suppliers of photo backdrops. I think we have a winner. Train Junkie is excellent. William is the name of the guy, and he will work with you. That is, do much more than just mail you a roll of paper, he help you plan, and tailors your backdrops AS THEY ARE PRINTED, so they will be exactly what you want. AND at $45 for 10 feet, that is pretty hard to beat.
A friend of mine bought 3 rolls from them and brought them to the club to show us. I was really impressed with the clarity, the heavy paper and the realism of them. They will stand up great to very close scrutiny.



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Those are some nice looking backdrops. Wish they were around when I started my layout. Too late to update for me as I have built my hardshell scenery to blend into the Walthers Instant Horizon backdrops that I got. They were all that was available at the time.


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Thanks as well. I was thinking about backdrops for my "new layout" but have been a little turned of by price and having to take what is on offer so to speak.

If this guy will/can "customize" a backdrop to suit your needs/layout for you then he is certainly worth a look and getting ideas from him.
Tony, William the owner (Train Junkie), realized that I need "Feather River" backdrop to join up to "Pine Forest", so he added a couple of feet of overlapping the one scene onto the other, AND sent me an email proof of what it would look like before I bought to make sure it was oriented properly. You don't find that kind of service everyday!


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You certainly don't and, when the time comes, I will be getting in touch with him for my backdrop. Hope fully he will be able to suggest something that will fit and can be done.
For those who prefer to shoot their own background images, I found a vendor which claims better-than-Duratrans quality at lower prices: Duratrans displays are the backlit signage you see at airports, malls and movie theaters. They're high-quality, full-color displays intended to be backlit by either fluorescent or LED sources. I haven't tried this vendor myself, but they do offer a pricing schedule that's more competitive with Duratrans vendors such as Blue River Digital. I plan to shoot my own backdrops someday and produce them as backlit panels. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to