Bachmann Spectrum goes DCC

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A friend brought a new GP40 to our module group meeting last night. It has a redesigned mechanism and is a sweet runner - not your fathers Spectrum diesel. :)


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I've got a Spectrum GP30, and the only thing I can say is that if they are sticking a decoder in there, they are making some serious adjustments to the weights in it.
Personally, they weigh a ton already, so a little weight loss isn't a bad thing, in my view. There's a lot of dead weight there; I've "de-motored" most of my old Spectrum diesels (because they're split-frame, and tough to put in a decoder), so they're being hauled around as a Dummy MU'd unit. But boy, that's a lot of weight to move around.

I should have added in my comment that they redesigned their frame also. It's no longer a split frame. It has a solid metal base and a top metal layer that holds the decoder and screws onto the base. The trucks still hang from an overhead screw. Here's a sketch from my failing memory.


Hey Gang: Just recieved two of the Bachmann GP40s today. They are nice!
They are have some weight to them, unlike the old ones. The paint and lettering is very nicely done. The fuel tanks are rounded instead of those boxy things the old ones have. They run smooth and are quite. I would recommend them to anyone. I got these on sale for less then 20 bucks each.
one is in the WM circus scheme and then other is Chessie. The Chessie paint scheme needs some help though. Both will recieve some detail parts, plow, horn, bell, wipers, mu stands , mu hoses and drop steps. Bachmann has come a long way, though still not in the same league as Atlas, P2K or Athearn, but they are getting there.


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Hi Mark, I'm kind of curious about the drive train. The price of the Bachmanns looks good and it's tempting. However, I have a Bachmann GP40 downstairs, most likely a trainset loco, operates not too bad on the level. However It just can't make the grades on my layout with much of a load. With only 5 cars on, it just sits there in the center of the grade, bouncing up and down with the wheels spinning. It has only one powered truck. My 4 axel Athearns pull 10 cars up these grades with little trouble. Tell me this is not the model being discussed, and that it's totally new.
Cheers Willis

Hi Willis; It sounds like you have one of the old Bachmanns. I have one of those and your right they hardly pull there own weight! The new models are nice and heavy with 8 wheel drive.


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Hi Mark and thank's for the info. I'll certainly be looking at these new Bachmanns in the future. I'll certainly have at least one to see if they can be kitbashed into an Alco. :D
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