An old scratch built warehouse C. 1980

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Nicely done, looks great!

Don’t worry about the image size too much. They could be a touch bigger, but they’re OK as they are.

You may have noticed me talking about uploading huge images. You can do that now, but when you do, the forum shrinks them down to 1600 pixels max. This saves space on the server and bandwidth. So why allow big images to be uploaded? It means you don’t have to take the time to make them smaller. You just take the photo, upload it and we do the rest. The goal is to keep quick and simple for the members.


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Really like how the light shines through the boards on the last one. Looks like one of those artistic photos of an abandoned house. I’m really impressed with what looks to be board by board construction, very nice.
Forgot to mention that all of my structures are board by board using Northeastern scale model wood. I'm not much on prototype but I try to stay with the actual wood dimensions should be (2x6, 1x12, etc..

For the nail holes: do you know how hard it is to find nails that are .001" in diameter and ..025" long? :)

Melbourne FL
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