Akane Locomotives

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Let me start by saying I know nothing about railroading... When cleaning out my Father's home last year, I found 2 Akane locomotives complete with orig boxes and they look unused. I remember my Father always keeping these stored away and I do not remember him ever using them when he had his layout when I was a child.

Anyway, I am wondering if they have any value as I have been storing them for over a year now and have no interest in them -- other than they were valuable to my Father. The first one is an Akane DM & IR 2-8-8-4 class M-4 (unpainted ready to run). It is a black color and the looks perfect. The coal tender (?) has never been removed from the packaging. The second one is a Akane U.S.R.A. 2-6-6-2 and is an unpainted brass color. Also in perfect condition.

Could anyone suggest a value for these and are they something that are rare or wanted so I can decide want to do with them. Thanks everyone in advance for your help.
Those are both nice big locos so I would say they have at least some value if the condition is as you say. You could check at local hobby shops but keep in mind that some owners are likely going to give you a lower price than what they would sell it for, especially so if they work out you don't know much about the hobby (no offense!). A search on ebay couldn't hurt either.


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Akane models were done in the early 60's. Details will be a little crude by today's standards but they are generally sound runners. Check e-Bay for auctions of similar pieces. I'd guess they'd bring $300-500.00 each, maybe a little more on the Yellowstone since it hasn't been done in plastic. Selling on e-Bay is kind of a dice throw. You never know what will happen from one week to the next!
Thanks everyone. I had checked eBay and your forums before posting. Found similar ones but not the same and since I do not have a clue, I kind of gave up. Prices were all over on eBay and I have no idea how similar any of those are to what I have. Thinking of just keeping them since my Father seemed to cherish them and kept them even after selling his large layout and all goodies many years ago..
Brasstrains.com brass price guide lists a 1959 Akane DM & IR 2-8-8-4 class M-4 at $600 and a 1964 Akane U.S.R.A. 2-6-6-2 at $400.

Hope this helps
Dear cskuhn,

Brasstrains.com brass price guide lists a 1959 Akane DM & IR 2-8-8-4 class M-4 at $600 and a 1964 Akane U.S.R.A. 2-6-6-2 at $400.

Hope this helps


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The brass guide is a nice book, but just one thing to keep in mind: it is done by a dealer, therefore the prices are a little high. Those values would be good for insurance purposes, but not necessarily what you'd get if you sold them. I use my copy for research, and identification of models (very important in the brass world) but sell prices can be all over the map.

I was able to find a 2-6-6-2 on e-bay, search item # 380384627724. There were no Yellowstones up, but a few other articulateds are item nos:

360412258454 and 360411690433

Both are for sale by a dealer and he may have set a high reserve price for them. If you aren't a big time e-Bayer, just copy the item numbers and paste them into the search box. You'll be taken right to the auctions. You can at least monitor them and see if there is any interest or what they finally sell for. Keeping them isn't a bad thought either. Hope this helps
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Morning Guys. I also have an Akane USRA 2-6-6-2, that is,as I understand it,is a C&O H Series Articulated. Now,here is the shocker about it. I bought the loco at a swap meet for $100.00 even.:eek:. That's right,I said $100.00. It and my 4-4-2 Atlantic that is made by Tenshodo,are the only two brass steamers that I own. CS Khun,I think your dad's 2-6-6-2 maybe a C&O Steam engine,but I could be wrong. William.


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You might ask your questions here:
You have to join but it's free. There are alot of very knowledgeable brass loco collectors including buyers & sellers on this forum.

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