Adding an Extra Drive Wheel Axle

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Hello all,
It's been a while since i've posted on here. I wanted to know if it is at all possible to add an extra driver under the fire box on one of the generic bachmann 0-6-0 or 2-6-0's. I am wanting to make a model of a light baldwin 2-8-0, WITH and walscharts valve gear.


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It will probably take more time & money to add another AXLE. It would be a whole lot easier & cheaper just to buy a 2-8-0.
I'd have to agree. It would depend on the configuration of the frame under the firebox. If it extends far enough and there would be sufficient clearance with the bottom of the firebox, you probably could mill or file a transverse slot in the frame and fit the axle/wheel assembly. You would then have to add the connecting rods from the original rear wheels. You may be better off to find a 2-8-0 Mantua on ebay or some other manufacture.
I have kitbashed a number of locomotives adding an extra axle assembly, but that was a major project! Had to use two locomotives or kits, cutting up both the frames and the boilers, then splicing the parts with pins and plastic steel epoxy! That's how I created 2-10-2's and 2-10-4's from Mantua Mikados, as well as a 4-8-2 from a Mantua Mike and a Pacific, and a 4-8-4 from a pair of Mantua Pacifics. Lot of work, but the finished product is satisfying. Best of luck!


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