A Couple of Locomotive Questions for the Experts

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In this pic, what is the item mounted under the window casting a shadow over the cab number? Antenna maybe? If so what type?

In this pic, are the small, round windows on the front of the long hood under the cab number for forward visability of the crew? If so, can they see thru them when seated? I just noticed them today and have never been on a high nose loco.

grande man

Bonafied Grande Nut
Cjcrescent said:
Eric, Can't help ya on the BNSF unit, but I believe on the ex-SRR unit, the "windows" could be blanked out class lights.
Ya know, that's a possibility. From our vantage point, they appeared to be transparent. That's why I wondered if they could be windows.

grande man

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jbaakko said:
Pic Number one, Rear view Mirror, bent at an odd angle...

Pic 2, blanked out class lights
K, I agree on the class lights. I'm not sure about the mirror though. Isn't it mounted vertically forward of the window?


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That there SHOULD be just a wind deflector...

EDIT Being now told BOTH are mirrors!?
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Class lights blanked on that ex-SOU SD40-2. The crew couldn't see from the cab through the short hood because there's a wall dividing the two areas. There's a door on that wall that accessed a toilet once upon a time, but it appears it has been removed (no toilet cleanout on the side of the hood). NS is sometimes referred to as No S****** (vulgar slang for toilet) because they removed toilets from former Southern locomotives.

Lastly, if the class light blanks could have been used for any kind of visibility, it wouldn't be forward visibility - that is a nice photo of the rear of a Southern SD40-2. The long hood is considered the front on Southern SD40-2s! :)
On the BNSF unit, it is a mirror, (and I know this sounds goofy), for seeing the conductor on the front steps. You would position the side mirror, and then the small mirror, so that by looking into the side mirror, it reflects back, into the small mirror, that then reflects foward, to see the steps. I never use it, as I usualy just stick my head out the window. And the stupid things are always loose, and never hold a position.:mad: Also so small, you are lucky to see his boot, and thats about all.


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Dammmit I was gunna say a mirror, I would have looked the expert! Oh well learning sumfin everyday.

I did know that was the rear of the NS loco though. No small F near the steps.



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on the southern loco, that is a airvent, kind that you open from the inside seen on some tractor trailers. Wyatt

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