A building, a layout, finally!!

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Jerome: How did you talk your wife in allowing you to build the layout addition?

I been having trouble convincing the Mrs. to allow me to build my 2.5 x 10 foot expansion yard!

Greg, the entire idea was HER idea!! I have 40 some years worth trains, buildings, scenery stuff all packed away in 55 totes. She originally told me to take the spare bedroom, I didn't like that idea.


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30" is quite deep! I did 24" and it was still a reach to work on things far away. I suggest no higher than what your arm is at horizontal and no deeper than your arm fully extended without your body leaning over. If you make your shelf even less, say 12", you may be able to fit a long peninsula into the space. Is it point to point or a loop? Starting from the door going right, then back out into a peninsula, then back to the right and along the wall to the door again would give you about a 100' long run.
Where there is a will, there is a way. I have places on my layout that are pretty much unreachable. However, I have overcome the problem of being able to reach these inaccessible locations by standing on a stool. I find this to be such a simple solution to this problem, that I don't worry about inaccessibility, accept of course one can go overboard, so keep it simple!


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Got most of the wiring run today. Next is get up in the existing garage attic and make the long runs to the circuit breaker box. added 5 new outlets to the inside of the existing garage too.



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Saturday. Train show.
Sunday, Monday, running Romex up and over the existing garage to the circuit breaker box. Had to do some spicing and re-running Romex to new outside garage lights. Made a total of 6 runs to the breaker box.

1. Northwest/Southwest wall outlets
2. Southeast wall/existing garage wall outlets
3. Lights for the train room
4. 220V line for HVAC
5. Line for Generator hookup
5. Line to go out to the shed for lights and outlets

Ran out of junction boxes, still gotta split the line for the ceiling lights, then run power to the garage door opener and the attic exhaust fan.

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