22" radius on a 4x8?

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Measuring directly on the screen with a metric ruler, and then comparing it to the scale on the axes, I get about 15".


Crandell, I think you are right. I was eyeballing it. Although I can't get a good look at the "hidden track". It looks like 15" when I measure it.

15" radius in N will allow you to run almost anything!
I hate to thread-jack, but, this is is almost what I am looking for in N scale!

What is the radius on those loops? 11 3/4" or one up from that?

I am looking for a roundy round with some ops while a train is running on the loop.
Mmm - can't find the original, I may not have saved it. Comparing with the length or the 24" measurement "arrow", I would think about 12" radius .

But it shouldn't be too hard to stretch something like this out a little along the walls and make it a little deeper at the turn back lobes, to make it 15" radius.

That would also make the operator pit bigger.



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I only measured the lower loop, to be honest, and I measured the diameter running from 10 o'clock to 4 o'clock since that diameter seemed to be the fullest.

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