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  1. Xavier A.

    Livestock Vagon

    Hello ! Sorry, but lately I have not been able to enter what I wanted in the forum. Work topics. Well, not to bore too much, here I leave some pictures of the construction of this livestock wagon. I hope you like it Thanks for watching. Regards Xavier
  2. S

    Dream steam train build!

    Hi to everyone, after introduction in newbie section on this forum I'll proceed to details of my train project. At this stage it is nearly finished, just few touches on details and finishing has to be done to complete. Basically I started to work with wood just over 1 year ago with passion in...
  3. S

    Hello from Guinness land!

    Hi lads, just saying hello. Building train 100% from wood, my build is close to finish line. Wanted to share with you it's progress. Should post somewhere build progress shortly.
  4. T

    weathering wooden bridges

    In my high school wood shop class I am building a wooden bridge for my ho layout. the trusses look like this :http://www.modelersdepot.com/katonscalesd70acebnsfswoosh9378-1-1-1-2-1-2-2-1-1-1-1-3-1-1-1-1-2-2-1-1-1-1-1-4-1-1-2.aspx I want to weather it to age it a bit. what techniques can i use...
  5. A

    First wood kit

    Greetings all, and Happy Holidays! After the dust settles some I will go into the LaBelle wood caboose kit Santa brought me; the first wood kit I have tried to build and the first model RR project in about.....35 years. I'm writing to ask 1) what kind of glue is recommended for this type of...
  6. wood trestle

    wood trestle

    wood trestle
  7. wood trestle

    wood trestle

    wood trestle
  8. Ambroid B&M "Winged" Snowplow

    Ambroid B&M "Winged" Snowplow

    Ambroid B&M plow built from a kit, with details to match Calumet and Hecla #851, currently on display in Calumet, MI. Although not exact (square windows instead of round), it's good enough for me
  9. train order pick up

    train order pick up

    Receiving a train order at Third Street District. The caboose WT 73 comes from Walthers. Then it was an CB&Q caboose, now lettered for Westport Terminal RR. Westport Terminal RR
  10. wooden caboose

    wooden caboose

    The caboose WT 73 comes from Walthers. Then it was an CB&Q caboose, now lettered for Westport Terminal RR. Here at the end of the train to Westport. Westport Terminal RR

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