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  1. D

    How to make happy little trees for your layout

    I AM NOT BOB ROSS, LOL. But this video is still cool.
  2. Railrunner130

    VERY AFFORDABLE Scenery Supplies-- Website

    They look reasonable to me! I'm looking for birch, as it appears that 1/3- 1/2 the trees in my chosen layout area are birch. Are they available?
  3. F

    Furnace Filter trees

    Hey guys, I have to make a lot of tree for the layout. . Here is my latest attempt. Hope the video helps others. Ty
  4. Detail of trees. Pree 1960 layout.

    Detail of trees. Pree 1960 layout.

    This is a work in progress. Freight station, cool trees in background available, ground cover formula available, custom water tank in background
  5. road through a forrest

    road through a forrest

    HO or N scale pinetrees
  6. Logging Christmas trees in Eastern Tennessee

    Logging Christmas trees in Eastern Tennessee

    Mr Bubba and his crew did not have much going on at the mill that Saturday. Being in a festive holiday seasonal mood they decided to log a few Christmas trees. The company photographer caught them in an excitedway as they made it down from the mouintains with their wonderful pines to decorate...
  7. Making the backdrop part of the 3D scenery

    Making the backdrop part of the 3D scenery

    I was concerned, even though I was using flourescent lighting from multiple angles, that trees placed on the ridge might cast unrealistic shadows on the backdrop. So I placed trees mounted right on the backdrop which meant those shadows would now fall on trees, instead of the backdrop. Much more...
  8. Without comparison  the BEST I've ever seen!

    Without comparison the BEST I've ever seen!

    Oh how I wish this was my work!!! But it certainly is proof of how good it can be. The bar has certainly been raised. Unfortunately too few, I think, have ever seen it! The work of Don Ledger photo taken from the pages of N Scale Magazine July/August 2000 without permission. Hope they won't...
  9. Union Pacific Hillsboro Branch, overall view..

    Union Pacific Hillsboro Branch, overall view..

    This is an overall view of one section of the railroad. This part of the railroad consits of a small town, engine facility and a lumber industry inside all those wonderful trees!
  10. Cheep Deciduous Trees Close-up

    Cheep Deciduous Trees Close-up

    If some of the leaf particles look like real leaves, that's because they are, after shredding in a blender.
  11. Cheep Deciduous Trees

    Cheep Deciduous Trees

    Sage brush trunk, WS 178 Polyfiber stretched as thin as possible and glued to trunk, spray adhesive (hair spray didn't work well), then parsley flakes (dark green) or real poplar leaves (light green) shredded in blender and sprinkled on.
  12. Cheep Fir Trees Close-up

    Cheep Fir Trees Close-up

  13. Cheep Fir Trees

    Cheep Fir Trees

    Whittled cedar trunks, painted brown and dry brushed light gray. WS F53 Foliage stretched and glued to trunk. Cost is 30 cents each in July 2005. Trees made by Pocatello Model RR club. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to