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  1. S

    LGB 22440 - RHB ELOK Ge 2/4 207

    Hey Guys I made sure I read the rules before posting this. Im selling a great train here its a LGB 22440 - RHB ELOK Ge 2/4 207. The train itself hasn't been used before and i thought it was about time to let someone else appreciate it more than i could. Any questions are welcome. Thank you.
  2. M

    Maglev Model Train being made

    I have been hoping someone would make a Maglev model train set and I just noticed this... I hope he gets the funding and actually gets this made. Would be cool to see it.
  3. DoctorZ

    Canadian Pacific's Holiday/Christmas Train Video

    Pretty cool video of CP Rail's Christmas Train pulling into downtown St. Paul, MN, Union Depot!
  4. Ceiling Train

    Ceiling Train

  5. Ceiling Train

    Ceiling Train

  6. Ceiling Train

    Ceiling Train

  7. Ceiling Train

    Ceiling Train

  8. S

    Irelands first Hobby and Diorama Show 2013

    Hi lads, promised to share few pictures I shot in last years show. Hope this is correct place to post them. I'm very bad usually to post up stuff on forums other than my own projects so wanted to contribute someway to this forum with some pictures. Wasn't too many stands with train dioramas. Not...
  9. S

    Dream steam train build!

    Hi to everyone, after introduction in newbie section on this forum I'll proceed to details of my train project. At this stage it is nearly finished, just few touches on details and finishing has to be done to complete. Basically I started to work with wood just over 1 year ago with passion in...
  10. S

    Hello from Guinness land!

    Hi lads, just saying hello. Building train 100% from wood, my build is close to finish line. Wanted to share with you it's progress. Should post somewhere build progress shortly.
  11. W

    Antique Railroad Locomotive Bell

    Hello I recently listed an antique railroad bell, very large brass or bronze one on eBay for sale. I was wondering if anyone might be able to tell me specifically what train it would have been on or if there is a way for me to tell? I have had a few requests asking this and am not sure how to...
  12. 1

    GCSE Design Opinions

    For my GCSE coursework, i have designed a terraced house that will go in a railway model. What do you think about my design? How would you improve it? (it is attached to this post)
  13. 1

    Questionnaire on flat packed models for GCSE Project

    1. How old are you? 2. What scale model trains do you buy? 3. How much would you spend on a high-quality flat packed model building for you model train set? 4. What time period is your model train set in? 5. What type of model building would you be interested in buying? 6. What are...
  14. W

    Selling my collection of Lionel O Gauge Trains

    Hey all, selling a ton of Lionel trains, selling everything. All starting at 99 cents, no reserve on eBay, so if you're looking for anything please take a glance to help me out. Most are vintage and almost all are in original box! I have engines, boxcars, cabooses, spotlight cars, you name it...
  15. 1

    Questionnaire on flat packed models for GCSE Project

    Hello, I am currently doing a GCSE Graphics project, where i have to make a flat packed model, and I would like to do some primary research. Could you please answer this questionnaire? Thanks 1. How old are you? 2. What scale model trains do you buy? 3. How much would you spend on a...
  16. W

    Selling my S gauge American Flyer Vintage 9001 Searchlight Car

    If interested I am listing on ebay for 99 cents, no reserve, thanks...
  17. All aboard. Train leaving for the North Pole

    All aboard. Train leaving for the North Pole

    The Polar Express Fillmore Western Railway Co.
  18. Grizzly Flats Train Station

    Grizzly Flats Train Station

    Cool station with bantamodelworks baggage cart
  19. My Railroad and Co. Train Controller Screen

    My Railroad and Co. Train Controller Screen

  20. S

    Switch wiring

    I have an automatic switch on my layout that is not wired. What wiring do i need to go from the switch to the Switch control box. I currently only have 20 Gauge, And no the switch didnt come with wires this is a 15 year old set. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to