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    Irelands first Hobby and Diorama Show 2013

    Hi lads, promised to share few pictures I shot in last years show. Hope this is correct place to post them. I'm very bad usually to post up stuff on forums other than my own projects so wanted to contribute someway to this forum with some pictures. Wasn't too many stands with train dioramas. Not...
  2. Conrail 4020 E8A Overland Models

    Conrail 4020 E8A Overland Models

    Here is a side view of the E8A. This unit was used on many Office Car Specials around the Conrail system. You can see that OMI captured the correct color. In this light the green shows through more.
  3. Conrail 4020 and 4022 E8A Overland Models

    Conrail 4020 and 4022 E8A Overland Models

    A factory painted Conrail OMI 4020 and unpainted OMI 4022 in HO Scale. Soon I will be painting the 4022.
  4. CSX 383 AC4400CW

    CSX 383 AC4400CW

    You can pretty much call me "old fashion." I have an old camera and don't have a layout yet (in construction). So I hope you enjoy what photos of models I do have. Richard is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to