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  1. D

    What is a good clearance for the edge of a layout on a 22" radius loop back ?

    What would you recommend as a good out edge of the layout distance where the track loops back? The outer track is 22" radius. So when I cut the road bed ( cook cutter technique ) the outer edge would be at WHAT radius? I was thinking 25" or 3" from the 22'' track center to allow space to put...
  2. D

    what sub roadbed to use in HO 5/8 ply - 1/2 inch homosote 2. inch foam

    I am building a 2 level shelf HO layout along my basement walls. I have humidifiers, heat and A/C in the basement but humidity can vary with season On the lower level I am modelling mountainous terrain (lumber and coal) I have a frame work with 12" placed cross members for risers and cleats...
  3. D

    You Light up my life or Placement of lights for shelf layout

    I am building a 2 foot deep mostly shelf layout. I built a valance. I would like to place the 2 bulb florescent lights in the best location. (easier to do now then when the layout is underneath.... I placed the lights about 16 inches from wall. please watch video I quickly did (about 3...
  4. D

    Benchwork for an Ho helix or "Doughnut Delema"

    Happy new year! Can someone tell me the best way to design benchwork to support an HO helix, which is basically a doughnut table! I would like to be able to shimmy up inside the doughnut hole for repair work. I am using L girder benchwork. The helix is for two levels about 18 inched...
  5. B

    Gauge 1 Live Steam Track Construction

    Dear Friends, I've recently posted a video on YouTube showing construction of my outdoor gauge 1 track. The second-half shows quite a bit of live steam running action. Footage includes some scratch built Pullman sleeper cars as well. They are resin cast from plans I developed using the 1943 Car...
  6. tnolan55

    Under Construction

    Here are some pictures of the HO layout that me and my dad are currently building. It is a 10x11ft horseshoe with a duckunder. I will post more pictures as the progress continues.
  7. Layout Progress

    Layout Progress

    This is my new sawmill being constructed.
  8. Copper & Iron Works distant view of embankment work

    Copper & Iron Works distant view of embankment work

    This shot was taken to show the overall affect of the stacked stone rock work, actual stacked stones I made interlocking molds of for layout/building construction work, as well as the heavy board retaining wall to show the affects of both. Note, stones need to be stained yet.
  9. J

    My Freeland HO Scale Layout

    Hey you all...some of you may know me as Jabbajawz4life on Youtube I do some HO scale how to videos and some tip videos. The link to my youtube page is and I think that my layout personally has a lot of potential. My layout is pretty much based in...
  10. Disaster Strikes !!!!

    Disaster Strikes !!!!

    This model was sitting on my test track for the last few days. It seems that it got really hot out in the shop and a tube of glue on a shelf above the test track exploded and dripped all over this side of the model. This is not glue like Elmers white glue (I could just peel that off), this...
  11. The rebuild after the disaster - 4

    The rebuild after the disaster - 4

    I guess the one positive thing that came out of this rebuild is that I had a chance to reconsider the fans that I used. Now I'm going with some fans with a lot more detail to them including etched metal fan blades and screens.
  12. The rebuild after the disaster - 3

    The rebuild after the disaster - 3

    Almost back to where I was before the great glue flood of July 2008.
  13. The rebuild after the disaster - 2

    The rebuild after the disaster - 2

    New bits being installed.
  14. The rebuild after the disaster - 1

    The rebuild after the disaster - 1

    All of the damaged bits removed and some new bits ready to be installed.
  15. Lebovitz Central RR project

    Lebovitz Central RR project

    This is a project layou that I am building for a client. It is a 6'x12' table with the Lionel Fastrack system. These are pictures from the third day of reconstruction. I spent the first couple hours of the day building a viaduct for the raised city. When I got to the layout, I plastered the...
  16. Lebovitz Central RR project

    Lebovitz Central RR project

    This is a project layou that I am building for a client. It is a 6'x12' table with the Lionel Fastrack system. These are pictures from the second day of reconstruction. The first thing I did was lay out all the track I had recieved the previous night. I finished the foam base of the...
  17. Bridge construction/ town

    Bridge construction/ town

    Everybody is enjoying themselves at the town stores. Traffic is running smoothly near the construction zone. Photo by Kevin Soucie.
  18. Installing Sub-Roadbed

    Installing Sub-Roadbed

    Installing the Sub-RoadBed FMI:
  19. Building Benchwork

    Building Benchwork

    Building the benchwork FMI:
  20. CB&CNS Rwy  Under Construction

    CB&CNS Rwy Under Construction

    This a view from the North corner of the room across the peninsula. The peninsula holds 6 loops of staging track on two levels for the mainline operations. On top of the peninsula there will be a Coal Mine and a power plant connected for empties in and loads out operation. There wil also be... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to