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  1. Sweet-Chuck

    Anyone just LOVE to design track plans?

    So, after about 3 years away, I have the time (and space) to tackle a layout. I've attached the benchwork area that I have to work with. I will be modeling DCC HO. If you like to tinker with track designs, I am definitely open to ideas as it is the part that I struggle with the most! I have...
  2. Sweet-Chuck

    Working Roundhouse

    Here are some photos of a working roundhouse, and a few from UNDER a steam locomotive. These were taken at Greenfield Village Michigan. Tomorrow we are going to The Henry Ford Museum, where I am sure there will be more photos taken. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  3. Sweet-Chuck

    The BC and F Railway

    EDIT Oct 27, 2018: If anyone is interested, the layout (same name) begins anew (after our move and 2 years later) on page 3.
  4. Sweet-Chuck

    What is going on with this DCC loco?

    Alright...I have a BLI Paragon 2 loco(dcc) that decided it doesn't like me anymore. A couple of weeks ago it ran the tracks just fine. Then, a few days later it ran good, but stopped and started in a few spots. A day or two after that it ran, the stopped altogether but after a gentle push or...
  5. Sweet-Chuck

    Switch Mess

    Hi everyone. I recently tore down my layout as I found it a bit bland. This time around I am trying to incorporate switches!!!! (yikes) If anyone can direct me into wiring this I would be quite grateful. I was thinking some colored lines for the power, and then marking where it should be...
  6. Sweet-Chuck

    Bachman J Class

    Hi all. My dad has a Bachman J class that needs some tlc internally. Any experience out there with this unit? The challenge is apparently removing the shell. Thanks, Chuck
  7. Sweet-Chuck

    Wpf: 11-20 / 11-27

    I guess I will start this weeks WPF: I really had intentions to take a few photos of the building that is now 'Photography' prior to its renovation. I had purchased it at a train show last spring and got around to its renovation later in the summer. At the same show I found some HO cardboard...
  8. Sweet-Chuck

    Quick Backdrop

    Here's a quick backgound i threw together today using a long box that scooters were shipped in. (Santa must have left that box here by accident) Anyway...I'm pleased with how something so simple and 'quick' really pulls things together!
  9. Sweet-Chuck

    What Company is This???

    Okay, so several months ago I saw diesels with this paint scheme that I did not recognize. As the yard is near I-480 and I-71 in Cleveland area there is no way to really stop and look at what they might be... Last week I drove past the same place in the morning, saw the locos, so had my...
  10. Sweet-Chuck

    4 x 10 Inquiry, HO

    Well, the good news is we will be moving. The 'bad' news is my current large L shaped layout in the basement is going to be reduced to about 4 x 10. I know there are tons of images and such online for layouts in this size range, but would like to ask if any of ya'll would share...
  11. Sweet-Chuck

    Mountain Pass

    Well, here are a few pics of at my first attempt at not only modeling some rough mountain terrain, but also at using paper mache/rigid wrap. I've got some other items to add but here's where I'm currently at.:)
  12. Sweet-Chuck

    Is this a decoder installed?

    I am pretty sure I know the answer, but wanted to make sure. Is the photo of a decoder installed in this loco?
  13. Sweet-Chuck

    HO Scale Layout Suggestions

    Okay, so if any of ya'll would be willing to offer suggestions....our layout seems a bit boring to me. Aside from not having many structures in place, I'm trying to get the track plan good so I can begin the transition to dcc. I do plan on doing more with terrain, but it still seems a...
  14. Sweet-Chuck

    Minimum Curve Radius for 6 axle loco

    Hi. What is the minimum (or suggested minimum) radius for a 6 axle locomotive.(HO) I have two areas that have 22" curves, and I'm sure these are fine. I am more concerned with the majority of my curves which are 18" Thanks-
  15. Sweet-Chuck

    Bachman DCC EZ Command?

    Good morning all, and Happy New Year! I've got some Christmas money to spend and was wondering if anyone had any feedback on the Bachman EZ Command System. I know that is no where near what NCE and Digitrax are.....however, money is tight right now!:mad: Aside from the obvious real life...
  16. Sweet-Chuck

    Engines run differently

    Question for you all: I have a few different locos, Athearn blue box, life like, Bachman, and an unknown. They all run differently on the same track, same power pack. When turned "all the way up", the Life Like will literally go so fast that it will nearly go all the way off the track on...
  17. Sweet-Chuck

    My first paint job...

    My 9 yr old son and I spend most of the time with the trains, so I decided to paint this old UP loco and caboose with some girly colors for my 7 yr old daughter. Here are some pics of the progress so far.
  18. Sweet-Chuck

    Another Newbie-Northern Ohio

    Hi all. 36 year old getting "back" into the hobby. Bought an HO set off craigslist not too long ago and have been expanding ever since...mostly with track this point....which brings me to my question. Recently I purchased some used track at a hobby store and now my loco needs pushed along the... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to