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  1. Raincoat2

    Bases for structures

    Many structures come with bases that double as sidewalks. But lots of structures don't have such bases. So I'm looking for ideas on what to mount some structures on that could be sidewalks as well. What do you all do?
  2. Raincoat2

    Joplin, Missouri Train Show Nov 24

    Tristate Model Railroaders annual train show. Sat, Nov 24, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. $3 admission. Located in the Joplin Museum Complex, 504 S. Shifferdecker Ave., Joplin, MO. I've been to this one a couple of years ago - pretty nice show.
  3. Raincoat2

    Springfield, Missouri Train Show

    Semiannual train show in Springfield, MO. Saturday, September 22, at the Springfield Expo Center. More info at
  4. Raincoat2

    Looking for decals, signs, interior photo for toy store

    One of the stores in my town is a toy store, circa 1955. Has anyone found decals or other stick-ons for a toy store? Or a photo of a toy store interior that could be mounted inside the structure?
  5. Raincoat2

    Best 1950's era service station?

    I'm looking for a good mid-1950's service station. Bought one at a train show for $5 but not satisfied with it. What kits have you used, or kit-bashed?
  6. Raincoat2

    US firemen

    I need several firemen to populate my firehouse, but the ones I see on MBKlein and other places worry me - they look too European. I need American firefighters, preferably in 1950's uniforms or workAnyone have any recommendations?
  7. Raincoat2

    Non-working building-mounted floodlights

    I'm looking for non-working floodlights that can be mounted on buildings to "illuminate" signs, doors, etc. I know sometimes they come in structure kits 'cause I've had some of them. but I need some for structures that didn't come with any. I've searched MBKlein's website and didn't see any...
  8. Raincoat2

    Scratch building an icing platform

    I have an HO scale ice house that I got from another member of this forum. I need an icing platform to complete the scene. Tichy Train Group sells an 18-inch icing platform but it's pricey. Before I spend that money, I'd like to see about scratch-building my own platform. But I've never...
  9. Raincoat2

    Homemade Fire Hoses?

    Anyone ever tried to make your own hoses for firehouses and firetrucks? I've seen a white metal one by SeaPort that MBKlein sells (currently out of stock anyway), but it doesn't look all that realistic to me. So just wondering what materials one could use to make a few coiled hoses or even...
  10. Raincoat2

    Personalized Signage for Structures

    Have time for a newbie question? (One of these days I'll stop being a newbie, just not sure when that will be :rolleyes: ): Most business structure kits come with decals for the name of the business and other signs to go on the building. Most often we don't want to use the business name that...
  11. Raincoat2

    Need a structure that can function as a small printing business

    All - I need a structure (kit) that can be a small printing business on my HO layout. Walthers (and maybe other brands) have printing business structures but they are way too big, especially too tall. I need a smaller footprint, and this would be for a small printing business, not a huge...
  12. Raincoat2

    Scratch-building a fire tower/ranger tower

    I model HO scale late 50's upstate New York. Fire towers, or ranger towers, were/are common in that part of the country. I see a couple of such structures in kits, but i don't like any of them and most are out of stock anyway. Have any of you ever scratch-built a ranger station/fire tower? If...
  13. Raincoat2

    Using turnout to control siding in DC

    Hi, everyone - a newbie question for you: I model HO scale in DC (Not DCC). I run usually just two trains at a time on one controller. I'm adding a new section to the layout and am including a passing siding. My question is how can I use the turnouts for that siding to allow a train to park...
  14. Raincoat2

    Ballast from Arizona rock and Mineral Company

    Everyone - I'm planning on ordering ballast online from Arizona Rock and Mineral. For HO scale, they list these two types of ballast: #1022 Kaibab Limestone HO Ballast and #1023 Kaibab Limestone Mainline Ballast. The only difference is the word "Mainline." From the enlarged photos it seems the...
  15. Raincoat2

    Elevating track and scenery

    Okay - newbie question time, everyone - My HO layout is flat to this point, and I am at a place where I want to elevate the mainline to simulate going up a hillside, rolling along there for a while, then descending. I have the WS 2% incline/decline sets which raises the track about 4". Here's my...
  16. Raincoat2

    DC wiring question from rookie

    Here's a real rookie question regarding DC wiring: Context: I'm at the beginning of my layout build, still laying track and beginning to do the wiring. The photo below shows my (small) trainyard (hey, I'm limited in space :) ). The mainline is the outside track that comes in from the left and...
  17. Raincoat2

    Walthers two-stall engine house kit

    Hope you have time for a real rookie question - - I'm building the Walthers two-bay engine house kit and notice that if I run roadbed plus track into it there is not enough clearance for the doors to operate. Options are to raise the base more (on a wood base or on scale bricks) or to remove the...
  18. Raincoat2

    Sources for business furniture?

    Everyone - sorry if this has been addressed earlier in this forum or elsewhere on this website. I need to know if you have some tried-and-true websites that sell furniture/furnishings for model RR buildings. For example, I have an old-fashioned general store but need shelves with goods on them...
  19. Raincoat2

    Choosing correct ballast for track

    PK - time for a newbie question - - got the benchwork built, laying roadbed and track now. The question comes up: how do I know what ballast to use? There are fine, medium, and coarse grains as well as a number of colors to choose from. So is it personal preference? Does real-world ballast...
  20. Raincoat2

    Fascia for benchwork

    New to the hobby, been on this forum for several months, asking questions, learning from the experiences railroaders, participating as I can. Got our first build going - benchwork is coming along nicely. Here's my question: looking at photos and watching videos, I see that most of you add a... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to