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  1. Railrunner130

    4' x 24' layout with 18" curves - am I nuts?

    I see you're a Rutland guy. Welcome to the club. In my research, the Rutland wasn't as twisty, turny through the mountains (except for the corkscrew division) as I originally thought. So in that respect, you aren't far off. The RS-1s and 3s are good for 18 inch turns. However, if you want to...
  2. Railrunner130

    John Allen's G&D Railroad

    I've read several articles on the G&D as well as the Lynn Westcott book. I find the G&D fascinating in that the engines didn't just run, they worked and worked hard. I'm a huge fan of the rural portions. Several of his buildings spark ideas with me.
  3. Railrunner130

    Building the Pinacle Creek Mining & Timber Co. RR

    Congratulations! Jim, we appreciate all you've done for the hobby and hope you can find time to at least throw us a nugget of wisdom and scenery demonstration occasionally. Thank you very much!!
  4. Railrunner130

    Playin' with my caboose

    A few more thoughts- 1. Paint the interior a dark color to hide the yellow plastic. 2. You could apply small amounts of clear gloss to areas where the road dirt won't reach. I'm thinking the red area under the cupola. This will "show" that it was painted glossy when it was built. 3. Rust it. I...
  5. Railrunner130

    Middle of 2018 Photo Fun

    The House of Incomplete Thoughts. This is a series of design ideas that I have been thinking about for a while. I decided to put them all into one building and see where they'd lead. Of course, it's much easier to say "Fred Sanford" did it. The side buildings are from Bar Mills Shack Pack...
  6. Railrunner130

    Playin' with my caboose

    Two quick suggestions- Do what you want with them. 1. Add some window glass before you proceed too far. It'll look less cartoonish and the glass needs to be dirtied up. 2. Use some silver to nick up the wear-and-tear spots, like the hand rails and steps.
  7. Railrunner130

    HO Switching Layout

    I've been toying with doing a version of John Allen's Timesaver as a New England harbor scene. There are plenty of drawings for it on the internet.
  8. Railrunner130

    Building the Pinacle Creek Mining & Timber Co. RR

    No worries Jim. Your health takes priority. Good luck!
  9. Railrunner130

    Building the Pinacle Creek Mining & Timber Co. RR

    Jim, your thread is the reason I'm on this site. Thank you. Take care.
  10. Railrunner130

    Oil Railroad Lanterns....How to Tell the Difference.

    I'm certainly no expert, but I'd ensure there is a railroad name stamped in the metal. I wouldn't think it would be financially viable for someone to forge that. I think sometimes it's molded into the glass. Adlake was a manufacturer of railroad lanterns. You may see their name either in place...
  11. Railrunner130

    Building the Pinacle Creek Mining & Timber Co. RR

    I see ship models in the Micro-Mark catalog and we stumbled upon the Blue Jacket factory last year. I'm amazed at the talent and time that goes into ship models.
  12. Railrunner130

    Snow Diorama

    Yeah. Thanks for the reminder. I should finish posting the photos! Give me a little bit. I know the photos and narratives got out of sync between what I posted and have written down. I need to fix it and finish what I've started here.
  13. Railrunner130

    Building the Pinacle Creek Mining & Timber Co. RR

    I hope things go well for you Jim. The model railroad world needs you back! (And your back). Sorry for the bad pun...
  14. Railrunner130

    Best 1950's era service station?

    I'd love to find one of these old Pure Oil gas stations in HO.
  15. Railrunner130

    Best 1950's era service station? has a bunch. I've purchased two of the Gulf Stations. Neither one of which I plan on using as a gas station. LoL. I also have one kit by Banta. Bar Mills also has two available. It all depends on the look you are going for.
  16. Railrunner130

    Best place to sell?

    Sort of like what Bob said, advertise here first. If you put it on Ebay, you'll end up with a bunch of fees. You won't get as much traffic here, but I think the people are more serious about buying here.
  17. Railrunner130

    Life Like 0-4-0 DCC project

    I did one exactly like that a few years back. It's a good little runner. I think I had to do some finagling to get the kadee couplers on it.
  18. Railrunner130

    Now that Floquil is gone ...

    OK. Thanks for clearing that up!
  19. Railrunner130

    Now that Floquil is gone ...

    I remember reading something a while back about using specific paints on BRASS locomotives. I forgot to mention that part before. It also mentioned baking the base coat at 250F for 30 minutes if I remember correctly. Just have to do that while the wife isn't home. Otherwise, I'm sure it'll cost...
  20. Railrunner130


    I recently discovered my trusty bottle of Rust (I think it was Floquil) just gave up the ghost. It was a nice orange/brown that was thin and spread well for it's purpose. Besides going to powders, what paints are people using for rust these days? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to