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    There was an "incident" in the train room.......

    One of the guys in my club had the same problem. he converted to LED's.
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    HO and N scale's

    I've been in N since 1970. Took a break when I found out what girls were for. After my 2nd divorce, I found my trains & realized that the trains were better:cool:. Went to a hobby shop & the guy tested new Kato NS SD-80's. I saw the ditch lts & $600.00 later, I was hooked. That was 2001. I now...
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    The E-L , EL

    Not only am I an EL modeller, I was an NJT engineer & ran trains over the NY Div. of the EL.:cool:
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    N-scale pre dcc era

    I'm still DC. I have too many older engines. I have a good sized layout. I space trains out enough.
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    WPF Sept. 27 - Oct. 3

    excellent work!
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    WPF thru Sept 8

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    Anyone deal with Diecast direct?

    very expensive. I go to ebay for all my diecast models.
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    Wpf 3/15 -> 3/21

    Very nice scenes!
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    Merry Christmas 2012

    wishing everyone a merry christmas & a happy new year!
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    Layout size - How much is enough?

    There's never enough!
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    Wpf 3-22/6-28

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    Dry-Bulk Semi Trailer Project (caution - photo intensive)

    Great work. You should put a vacuum on the back of at least 1 of them.
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    wpf 4-13/4-19

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    Wpf 4-6/4-12

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    WPF 3-30 to 4-6

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    Brooklyn Locomotive Works

    There is no store. He works out of his house. I live 20 mins. from him & he doesn't allow local pick ups. I could save a lot on shipping. But, he does have everything at great prices.
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    Wpf 2/24-3/2

    Home. Its 8X10X15. A big U.
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    Wpf 2/24-3/2

    Beautiful Grampy!!!
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    What do you do for a living?

    I thought I posted here before, but I was wrong. I was an engineer with NJ Transit when I became disabled. Before that I owned & drove tractor trailers & tour buses. Hey NYSW F-45, my parents retired from BC Sherriff's Dept. in the 90's.
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