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    Track Laying Tool?

    Looking for the name and description of that 'wheeled type' tool that would mark the centerlines of track onto the subroadbed of plywood thru the paper pattern lying on the plywood. I have most of my track plans drawn out full scale onto brown 'construction paper', and now I wish to start...
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    Big Feeling Layout in a small space,....logging layout

    I'm sorry for diverting folks from this forum site to another, but this particular small logging layout could be an inspiration to those with limited space. (7'x8')
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    Switching Towers never Die, some become alcoholics

    Switching Towers never Die, some become alcoholics What is that old saying about old solders.... :) I've got a switching tower that just didn't want to die. It decided to turn itself into a craft beer brewing company..... Guzlit Beer I bought this a long time ago and saved it for...
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    Brick Factory, brick making

    A number of years ago I saw this image in an older magazine, and it so inspired me that I knew I had to make all efforts to include something like this on my new layout This was my initial efforts to put that scene on my plan...
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    Baltimore Wharf Area, Municipal Piers, Docksider Locos

    I have an image in my mind that I think was saved from an old image I recall seeing long ago. It is (was) of a cobblestone street running along the waterfront of old town Baltimore. The tracks were embedded in the cobblestone, and they serviced several warehouses that jutted out into the water...
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    Industrial & Port Facilities on my Peninsula

    Industrial & Port Facilities on my Peninsula What structures, & where am I going to place them on my central peninsula deck area?? Basically this is the planning for the other half of peninsula area adjacent to my container terminal Lets begin with the biggest space hog, the car-float and its...
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    Walthers Municipal Pier Terminal (fantastic job)

    Yesterday I was looking thru the internet for images of this Walther's Pier kit, and in particular any that might include a cut down version. I ran across some AMAZING images that are interspersed thru out this very long subject thread,...sorry that they are on another forum, but they truly...
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    Center Peninsula Track Planning, …..Container Terminal & Port Facility

    Center Peninsula Track Planning, …..Container Terminal & Port Facility I've been putting this off too long. This is the original Tupper Lake/Faust Junction peninsula track plan I was using as inspiration. That plan had a passenger train station in the peninsula area. My new plan is going...
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    Multiple Unit Well Cars

    Multiple unit cars Is there a more specific name for these 'groups' of well cars that are joined by articulation and a single truck shared between units?? Can all of the 5 unit sets (HO models) be run as 3 unit sets? Generally how long (overall length) is a 5 unit set,...HO scale?? (I'm...
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    Broadway Ltd Trackmobile

    I'm trying to find out if anyone has successfully installed some sort of 'keep alive' that would allow these VERY short wheelbase locos to negotiate insulafrog turnouts in congested switching track zone?? Meantime I did find a rather interesting discussion about adding lighting effects,...
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    Two-rail O-scale, 52 Freight Cars of Various Types from Estate Sale

    Approx ten years ago I had occasion to purchase a big batch of 2-rail scale freight cars from an estate of a fellow who just loved to build and assemble model railroad cars. I bought them even while I am basically an HO guy. At the time I thought I would take them to my retirement in Thailand...
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    Broadway Ltd AC6000 shell swaps

    Broadway Ltd AC6000 shell swaps I have a number of Broadway AC6000 locos that I am considering swapping shells around on. Has anyone done this, and/or have recommendations? BTW these are all brand new engines I have never run. I have two early CSX models that have the QSI sound systems...
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    Marklin Track,...99 pieces for $30......SOLD

    SOLD I would describe this track as in relatively good condition. Much of it still retains the factory 'blueing', but the tops of the rails saw some mild rust as is quite common of this track as I understand. I took a piece of very mild emory paper and brought a shine back to the rail tops...
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    Cryogenic Plant & Helium Plant

    Cryogenic Plant & Helium Plant Finished the track plans, and the base plate onto which the coal mine will be built. Now I need to turn my attention to the left and down that long ramp that will take the trains down along that side of the layout to connect back to the mainline. At the bottom of...
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    Carfloat...railroad barge

    ID this carfloat? Last weekend I picked up a misc box of HO parts at my local flea market. In the box there was a plastic carfloat model about 23.5" long that was made in 2 sections. It was 3 tracks with an interchange, and the rails were metal. The only identifying marks were a molded on...
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    Coal Mine Scene

    Coal Mine Scene I guess by now I have considered at least 5 different location on my new double deck layout plan to place a coal mine scene. And for the most part I have been planning on utilizing the Walther's kit, New River Mining. In order to have some run-thru tipple loading tracks you...
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    Backdrop Image, string of coal cars

    I'm looking for a good existing image, or a 'how to create' a good image of a string of coal cars fading off into the background. I'm locating my coal mine loading tipple very close to the backdrop, and I would wish for that backdrop to convey an image of 3 tracks of coal cars waiting to be...
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    Peco Switch Shorts in DCC, & Shim Flangeways

    I visited a fairly large club layout today in Palatka, FL. I noticed they were using lots of Pecos which has plastic frogs....insulfrog. I noticed they DID NOT use insulated jointers on their track. They run DCC, and all seemed to work fine. It did appear that they had coated the frog area with...
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    Trade Coal Mining kits?

    Anyone interested in trading one Walthers coal mining kit for another Walthers one? I have the New River kit brand new in the box,.. I would like to have the Diamond Coal mine kit 3 loading rails vs 2 loading rails
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    FS or Trade: Atlantic Coast Line streamline passenger cars

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