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  1. Brakeman Hal

    Should I Return to HO?

    Over a year ago, I re-tracked my 127 foot Folded Dogbone layout from HO to O-Scale 2-Rail. Now I'm finding that my choices in Steam and Diesel engines and rolling stock is severely limited in wheel configuration and Road Names. Re-railing back to HO would not be a big problem, as I'll continue...
  2. Brakeman Hal

    O-Scale 2-Rail BNSF or Santa FE SW1200 Switcher

    Looking for an O-Scale 2-Rail (not Lionel 3-Rail) BNSF or Santa Fe SW 9 or SW 1200 Switcher with DCC and Sound. Brakeman Hal
  3. Brakeman Hal


    Why are my thread titles in weak type instead of bold, like the other members? Brakeman Hal
  4. Brakeman Hal


    Here's why I left HO for O Scale 2 Rail: IT'S BIGGER!:D Brakeman Hal
  5. Brakeman Hal

    Lowering My Layout

    Hey...I'm thinking about lowering my 127-foot O-Scale 2-Rail Folded Dogbone layout which runs around 3 walls of my Game Room, so I can sit on the Sofa while watching and running my Train. I'll be lowering it 9 inches, which is as low as I can go because of the speaker cabinets in the far...
  6. Brakeman Hal

    Track Cleaning Car

    This O-Scale 2-Rail Bronze Track Cleaning Car can be coupled anywhere in the train, and has a washable cleaning roller. Hal
  7. Brakeman Hal

    Returned my Digitrax Zephyr DCS52.

    I don't need a DCC controller with only 1 engine on the layout at a time, and no sidings or switches. The Digitrax was not compatible with the DCS decoders on board my MTH Steamer and Diesel, so I'll stick with DCS which serves me better. I don't need to program any CV's, because DCS has...
  8. Brakeman Hal

    Looking for O-scale 2-Rail Steam or Diesel Loco with DCC & Sound.

    Must be a Western road name, like SF, UP, SP, NP or GN. 2-6-0 or 2-6-2 Steamers of Diesel MTH equipment. Must be compatible with Digitrax DCC Controller. That's O-Scale 2-rail, not O Gauge 3-Rail! Thanks, Brakeman Hal
  9. Brakeman Hal

    First Try at Programming CV Changes in my Digitrax.

    My Digitrax DCC Controller works great, but the sound of the Diesel Horn, Bell, Cab Chatter, Brake Squeal and Coupler Clashes are all too loud! The CV for Master Volume is 58, and the range of volume is 00 to 15, with the default value of 09. When I get into the loudness value, I want to drop...
  10. Brakeman Hal

    Looking for a DCC Controller for O-Scale 2-Rail

    Hey Roundhouse Gang, I'm getting tired of my unreliable 2-year-old MTH DCS Commander controller, which sometimes quits during a demonstration of my 127-foot O-Scale, 2-Rail single-track layout. When this happens, I change to my 55-year-old MRC analog controller, which is utterly reliable...
  11. Brakeman Hal

    O Scale 2-Rail Cleaning Car

    Hey Hoggers, I'd like to buy an O-Scale, 2-Rail Cleaning Car for my 127-foot track length, or couple on an unused car with a cleaning pad rigged on the undercarriage. Any ideas? Also, what's a good solvent for the purpose? Thanks, Brakeman Hal
  12. Brakeman Hal

    Does anyone use S Scale?

    Does anyone use S Scale on this forum? Brakeman Hal
  13. Brakeman Hal

    LGB Curve Radius Measurements

    Is the radius of LGB curved track measured to the centerline of the track or to the outside of the ties? If I decide to change my layout from O Scale 2-Rail to LGB G Scale, I might be able to use my benchwork without any modifications, using R-3 curves. Brakeman Hal
  14. Brakeman Hal

    LGB Layout in 20' x 25' Room

    I'm presently running this 127-foot O-Scale 2-Rail layout in my game room. Could I fit a layout for my LGB 2-6-0 Mogul and still leave room for the entrance door and the Pool Table? Brakeman Hal
  15. Brakeman Hal

    Big Train Show, Big Disappointment!

    Wife & I went to the Big Train Show at the Fairplex today at the big Los Angeles County Fairgrounds, and after spending $32 for parking and admission, and several tours around the vast exhibit hall, I saw nothing but Lionel 3-rail Layouts and Equipment in boxes, as well as HO, N, and LGB...
  16. Brakeman Hal

    Coupler Misalignment

    Hey, Gandy Dancers... Those Kadee couplers that Sherrel sent me fit just fine under the MTH GP-35, but they sure don't match the height of the couplers on my Atlas rolling stock! I guess I could use shims under the mounting pads on the GP-35 to bring the couplers down to match the Atlas...
  17. Brakeman Hal

    Wireless Drawbar Problem

    Hello, Roundhouse Buddies, My MTH O-Scale 2-Rail 4-6-2 Pacific Steam Loco has developed an intermittent connection where the wireless drawbar connects to its mating plug on the underside of the Tender. At first I could restore operation by forcing the 6-pin plug into the receptacle but now...
  18. Brakeman Hal

    Going Offline While I Switch Computers

    I'm retiring my old PC and installing my new MAC, so I may be offline for hours or possibly days if I run into problems. I shall return... Brakeman Hal
  19. Brakeman Hal

    Engine shipped with NO COUPLERS

    I ordered an O-Scale 2-Rail GP-35 Diesel loco from a company that handled MTH equipment, and it arrived with no couplers! I then called the vendor (Grand Central Ltd.) who will ship me a pair of O-Scale Kadees. Brakeman Hal
  20. Brakeman Hal

    Los Angeles Area Train Show

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