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  1. Trucula

    Looking for graffiti ideas?

    Found this on youtube when looking for wethering ideas. Some of the graffiti is unreal. All full car size (some must took hours and cases of paint!) Set to music and is pretty cool. Some don't like tagged cars but check em out.
  2. Trucula

    "Mission (I hope not) Impossible!!"

    Hello All! I have finally started another layout at home. I am the president of The Bricktown Model Railroad in Mt. Union, Pa. We model the East Broad Top and PRR. Meetings are Tuesday night. I am limited to only working on the layout on club nights and sometimes with work and playing in a rock...
  3. Trucula

    World's Largest Layout

    Am sure many have seen this but a co-worker just showed me this. WOW!! "For those who missed it!"
  4. Trucula

    Monday Morning Trivia

    OK I know it's early but this weekend our club went on a tour of a local abandoned line and I ran across this find. I thought I'd throw it out and see if anyone remembers or ever saw one. This is one of the sites we saw when we were finishing for the day. Note the size of the chain drive belt...
  5. Trucula

    Want to own a 1:1 scale train set???

    I saw in my local paper which is coming out today that The East Broad Top Railroad is up for sale at a cool 60 million!!:eek:..... (counting my pennies!!):p Also their Fall Spectacular is this month on 11th and 12th... Great...
  6. Trucula

    K-4 Restoration project runs outta steam!

    Sad days in Altoona as a 10 year project to restore one of the famous K-4 #1361 has run outta steam funding!! :( Local News: Also some history: I hate to see this...
  7. Trucula

    Calling all DCC Masters!!

    Ok here's the issue. I am sure this has been covered before. I even read the past post to the link on wiring. Just looking for some personal input. I am new to DCC and am learning the hard way. We started out building a dual mainline which should have basically resembled a double folded dog...
  8. Trucula

    Wanna fast ride???

    So much for scenic train rides!!!!!:eek:
  9. Trucula

    Cool Videos!!

    Found this when I was You-tubin' (this was nicely done) distructively funny! (some people should be banned from owning trains! :mad: ) Enjoy! :)
  10. Trucula

    Man I gotta get one of these!

    Saw this on the sister-site... Thought I'd share for those who missed it. I want one-I want one! It's for your pick-up hitch receiver. Very Cool!! :D
  11. Trucula

    That's entertainment?????

    It's hard to believe they actually crashed two steam engines into each other as a stunt for entertainment at the 1913 Worlds Fair. :eek: ..(the cars ripping around on the track must have been a pre-Joie Chitwood Thrill Show... :D ) It's a 6 min video but cool to see but a sad ending for steam...
  12. Trucula

    My first video upload

    I uploaded this video to youtube today that I took last Thursday night. It's of JR's new PRR Broadway Ltd. 4-8-2 DCC w/ sound. Its my 1st attempt so bare with me! Also our club was visited the next day on Friday by a club from Clarion, Pa. Great bunch of guys and I just want to thank them for...
  13. Trucula


    This has probably already been covered but, What are you guys using to uncouple KaDees? Do you use in roadbed magnets or do any use the handheld in-between uncoupler? I know the magnet is best for hard to reach areas and is more proto, and handhelds work well in areas you never expected to have...
  14. Trucula

    Color Question?

    I am building the PRR station in Huntingdon, Pa. from DPM parts. We are building the 1950s era and I have alot of back and white photos. I was wondering what colors the building would have been that year.(like 1955) It looks like tan ?? (color). What is the trim color? Green? Brown? Any help...
  15. Trucula

    What else ya into??

    This is alittle off subject. But I was wondering what else some of us have in common? I did this on a band forum page and made alot of new friends with stuff in common.:) I will start; Other than model railroads I have a rideable 3.5 in. live steam in my yard, member of Bricktown...
  16. Trucula

    My 3.5 in. live steamer

    Since they were asking for more pictures I thought I'd do my part...This is my live steamer...Its on display at our club now....I have about 140ft. of elevated track complete and plan on attempting to build a turntable at each end if I get around to it! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - An online railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used railroad books. Railroad pictorials, railroad history, steam locomotives, passenger trains, modern railroading. Hundreds of titles available, most at discount prices! We also have a video and children's book section. - An online model railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used books. Layout design, track plans, scenery and structure building, wiring, DCC, Tinplate, Toy Trains, Price Guides and more.