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  1. Trucula

    Wpf 3/29 - 4/4

    Thanks, No the one on left is new (should have cleared that up in my But I agree with you the blue one is my favorite too. I didn't do it but the detail is awesome.
  2. Trucula

    Wpf 3/29 - 4/4

    Happy Easter Everyone! A new boxcar I recently got next to one I already had posed on an overpass on Harley Street.
  3. Trucula

    My first 4X8 layout Mountains and tunnel, and town

    If you liked Gilberts' you will LOVE Mainline! They have a well stocked store. I always brag them up and to me I always say, "Even if your looking for a window for a victorian house build, they WILL have it!" It's def worth the trip. Not to take away from Gilberts' but check Mainline out and you...
  4. Trucula

    what do I look for when purchasing a locomotive?

    Your gonna get alot of response on that questions because there are so many options! First thing you have thought of "road name" so you have that solved. There are so many companys that make good quality engines so sky is the limit. I always look for brand name and details. A good Genesis line...
  5. Trucula

    My first 4X8 layout Mountains and tunnel, and town

    I see you went to Gettysburg shopping. Nice finds! Looks like a couple Genesis cars on there too, Looks good. Have you ever checked out Main Line Hobby in Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.? Not sure what way you travel up this way but it's another fine shop just over the Maryland line.
  6. Trucula

    Weekly Photo Fun! 1/19 -> 1/25

    It's been awhile since I posted so thought I'd show alittle of the barge area I am working on. The tug boat was just started so painting and weathering hasn't been complete yet. This is always a thread I love to see!
  7. Trucula

    Removing / reassembling modular sections

    Our club made a metal templet we mount temp to the sections. It has 2 holes we drill and add dowel rod pegs to one and let other open to accept the dowel rod. We then C clamp them together underneath. We also built folding legs for travel so we have spacer blocks that go between each module's...
  8. Trucula

    making a diarama

    A couple member in our club built a small display for a meeting at work to show what they do outside of thier job to keep sane.(they are prison guards) They build a 3 ft by 1 ft module showing the step by steps to build a detailed layout...starting with benchwork to details as you looked across...
  9. Trucula

    My first 4X8 layout Mountains and tunnel, and town

    Nice work! Coming along well. If you have not obtained a static grass applicator, I have been making and selling those for past year in my shop. I also make them for several local hobby shops. Each come with instructions, grass sample pack and guaranteed for 6 mons. Drop me a message if interested.
  10. Trucula

    Dummy Engine Question

    Dummys are usually pulled by the main engine(on models) they mostly faced oppisite way so the engines didnt need turned around for a return trip...the crew would jump in other loco..They can pull/push just as fast either way. And they also help the lead engine when needed.. If you want to power...
  11. Trucula

    I can't believe

    If your anything like are your worst critic! good so far and alot more will be added to hide all what you think are bad spots...nothing we can't fix, cover, or re-do!...Don't be so hard on yourself..once black washed to highlight details and what Cradell said , it will be...
  12. Trucula

    Rebuilding a 4x6 layout..

    Hello Stuart, You have alot going on there in a 4X6!..Am sure that keeps the little guys busy! You have most your problems figured out already like with grades and switches. Other things I see are the risers, your on the right track to go with foam risers and I can relate about being on a...
  13. Trucula

    Wpf 4-27/5-03

    Thanks guys, and great pictures everyone! The tug and small barge (under bridge) is the foamboard,card stock, matt board kit for like $15 off evil-bay. It was a different challenge after building plastic/wood kits..I liked the sturdiness it had after complete and covered with Mog-Podge and...
  14. Trucula

    Wpf 4-27/5-03

    Been awhile since I jumped in on WPF so heres my late entry. I have started my car barge area to bring cars on and off the layout. The tug was made from a paper kit and will soon be replaced with correct Walthers tug once built. Water is silicone, my first attempt with it and i liked it...
  15. Trucula

    Ideas for curved bridge

    This is a cheap bridge on our clubs layout. Made of styrofoam and curved easily. The stone work was created by old pencils with the erasers removed and bent slightly (like chewed to deform round shape) and pressed into foam before stained and painted. Work by Josh Zinn. It represents a local...
  16. Trucula

    New member, New layout, New pics!

    LOL...First thing that caught my eye!! Drums and trains!...I'd be at home!..This be my living room if I could get away with it...LOL
  17. Trucula

    need info on some trains

    I think it is "Kansas City Clinton and Springfield" on the passengers (but my eyes are bad!).
  18. Trucula

    A pair of naked ladies!

    I gotta agree with Willis!..You should been a salesman..I clicked on this FIRST!! glad I did...Awesome work! They are beauties!
  19. Trucula

    Quonset Huts

    The first one looks like the building that came with a gas/propane supply kit made years ago (maker slips me Model Power or something) Here is the second one
  20. Trucula

    Greetings from Buford, Ga

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