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  1. CambriaArea51

    Intermodal club module build

    Me and another gentleman in our club are going to build 16' (8' each) of a small intermodal yard.Club specs are 4'x30" so not much room.Track sections are at 7.5",9.5" and 17" from the outside edge.An added run around 17 at 11.5" is for trains switching on the 17 to get by.This way container...
  2. CambriaArea51

    JST connectors

    I have an Atlas Dash 8-40CW I was wondering if anyone know what size the JST connectors are that connect to the motherboard.
  3. CambriaArea51

    A few pics from the club layout

    I was the only one there so CSX took over the rails.First pic a coal drag passing a set of car readers.Second is passing the horseshoe curve.Third is a heavy mixed freight at the curve.Fourth is a meet at the curve.
  4. CambriaArea51

    Chessie news

    I have emailed Scale trains about how they only ran the SD 40-2 in Chessie System one time and it sold out quick.They replied a while back saying they're looking into it. Watched a review on youtube about the SD40-2 and made a comment about the same engine and got a surprising reply.
  5. CambriaArea51

    Changing lights in Athearn

    Anyone change the bulbs in an Athearn genesis to leds.Wondering what wattage leds.
  6. CambriaArea51

    UPS trailers

    Well the pup trailers are done (one set) these are Herpa 28' painted gray,then hand painted the silver trim and lights.The tractor is custom painted,added correct grill and add air dam. The Martac is a refridged 53' (part of UPS) added the reefer,fuel tank,and scratch built the refrigeration...
  7. CambriaArea51

    Tag axle dump trailer

    Problem with buying stuff is everyone else has the same.I like to add/change to make it my own.You can buy 3 axle dumps now but normally the tag is single wheeled.In the world of I don't toss little parts out I use the leftover of a kadee couplers package to use as axle hangers.I can cut them to...
  8. CambriaArea51

    Intermodal kitbash

    I came across some Athearn 20' chassis kits.I made some 20'ers then wanted to make some 3 axle trailers I had seen.The trailers that I saw could haul 1 40' 2 20' or a single 20' in the center.
  9. CambriaArea51

    Hello from WNY

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