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    N&W 611 is going to Strasburg for a while!!

    It appears the move started yeaterday. I have no confirmed info on route or arrival time. Live railcam's is all I have, along with some chat. Supposed to be there through October as far as I know.
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    NS derailed a coal train

    In the great dismal swamp near Norfolk. 30 hoppers of fine coal.
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    TVRM #4501 - Former Southern RY engine and 2015 mods.

    4501 was the first steam loco I ever saw under power, going across the Accotink Trestle in Springfield, VA in 1965. Saw it a few more times before it was retired. Tennesse Valley Railroad Museum acquired both 4501 and 630 from Southern. Spencer Shops rebuilt them like they did for N&W 611...
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    NOW: just an intellectual exercise - Switch track Time-Saver modified

    I have been thinking about a new layout to cure the "Sick of Model Railroading" Blues. A Switch Track Time Saver (John Allen) type track plan, but based on a 2 track oval. It can be a single track with crossover so it looks like a two track layout. Many sidings, many industries. Because of...
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    4501 & 630 running March 12 at TVRM

    Check YouToob for the virtual railcams of Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. They are doing double header run-by's today and Tuesday.
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    The description says WHAT????

    Just found an amusing baysale for a C&O H8. The description is ....... interesting, but not real English.
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    Pointers and such for weathering steam locomotives

    First some don'ts. I have seen steamers for sale on that eveilbay site that were badly weathered(beginner style) that will never sell because of the bad weathering. If you want to sell it, it needs to be unweathered, or done very well. Don't add decals over a flat surface. Seal the...
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    1950's -60's prefab model train layouts

    Someone on another site was asking who made those vacu-formed, or other method style of premade layouts? I remember seeing an American Flyer one about 1964, and I believe Roco and perhaps Fleischmann made some. they had the mountain, perhaps a tunnel and might have been a twice around design...
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    They will move N&W 2156 this weekend

    They are supposedly moving N&W 2156, a Y6a from the St. Louis Museum of Transportation to Roanoke, VA, and the Virginia Museum of Transportation.
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    CSX does it again!

    What is up with CSX (Stands for "Crash, Spill, Explode) and the number of derails, explosions and such? I live outside DC, and within 200 miles their seems to have been 5-7 accidents in the last year. NS has maybe had 1-2 in the same time. Is it lack of decent track maintenance...
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    Car weight, the NMRA standards, and my solution - Lighter weight is better!

    I experimented with car weights, and looking at the weights, what happens to the cars with NMRA weight standards on grades, and lighter than "standard", the actual physics of pulling cars up a grade and around super-elevated curves. I model the N&W in the 1930's. I worked at a hobby shop...
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    Pin Hole photography?

    Have any of you experimented with pin hole photography? I took a friends 2.8 portrait lens and took it apart o I could add a Pinhole. It was made from a spiral of thin brass wire that hugs the outside edge of the lens area. the center points at the center as identified by closing the iris...
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    Schmatic for DC plug into BLI Y6b for non-DCC operation?

    I cannot find my original DC plug that goes into the DCC socket in the tender. I stupidly thought I'd never go back...... Anyway I found a DCC harness and plug and want to mod it into a DC only plug for my BLI Y6b. Do any of you still have an original, or know what goes where?
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    The hard part is taking it all apart and selling it.

    As my interest in model RR is waning, along with my eyesight, I decided to get out of the hobby. I had built the benchwork with 59" removable legs, 1/2" plywood with Homosote on top for easier track laying all 2 feet wide but...
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    using miniatronics "Grain of Dust" lights with 163 decoders, WHAT VALUE RESISTOR?

    I'm using miniatronics "Grain of Dust" lights with 163 decoders, WHAT VALUE RESISTOR should I be using? I need to use the Grain of Dust size bulbs with my steam engines. I mount them in back of an MV Lens installed in a brass headlight casting. Is 800 ohms too much? Will using a 1/2 watt...
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    OK, Some tips on videotaping your model railroads and engines. DO NOT: Have your camera so close as it won’t focus Film just a silhouette Have your train blasting by, but slowly to see the details Pan if you don’t have a tripod Bother posting blurry or poorly lit video. DO IT AGAIN! Have...
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    Looks vs Performance

    So as manufacturers design locomotives (I'm talking steam locos mostly) would you rather have a loco with a little less detail that pulled a bunch and the mechanism lasted for about 10 years, or one that smoked, had sound installed and couldn't pull 50 cars up a 2 percent grade? A heavy duty...
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    Better After Market motors for BLI engines?

    I have 2 Y6b's and an "A". moderate running has caused the motors to make noise. The gear boxes and such get a monthly inspection and lubing and they are quiet. Has anyone swapped to different motors on these engines? I guess this is typical of the shoddy plastic choo-choo world?
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    When to do what when building your layout

    I used to teach Schedule Management. I used it to some success when building "Giant Scale" RC model airplanes. I'm now building my 4th model railroad. Bench work is up. Ran all the Bus wiring for DCC, Turnout power, LED lighting power. All track and turnouts in place, with Tortoise...
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    BLI Y6b issues... anyone else???

    I have 2 of the BLI Y6b's. I got 2200 Jan of '08, and 2195 in May of '08. Neither have fallen off the layout. They haven't derailed too many times. Mostly when I left a track nail or tie in the way, or a tree fell onto the track. The have both got about 400 hours total running time give or... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - An online railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used railroad books. Railroad pictorials, railroad history, steam locomotives, passenger trains, modern railroading. Hundreds of titles available, most at discount prices! We also have a video and children's book section. - An online model railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used books. Layout design, track plans, scenery and structure building, wiring, DCC, Tinplate, Toy Trains, Price Guides and more.