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    My N scale scratch built frieght depot

    That must be a major award!
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    Did Atlas ever fix the code 55 track availability issues?

    Have you considered Microengineering flex? They definitely make a high-quality product, it's only a few cents more per foot than Atlas, and there's plenty available. Though ME flex track is stiffer than Atlas - it will hold the curve you set it to. Some people really don't like that. Good luck!
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    Mixing Scales for distance

    This is the best example of forced perspective in model railroading, that I've seen. (It's a static diorama.)
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    Ok here goes!

    Nothing to offer here other than good luck, and I'm in to see the build thread. If there were a vote, mine would go toward modelling the "B" line - I lived along the "B" line in Allston, Ma as a child.
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    Electrical - how did YOU wire yours?

    My setup is very similar to the OP's. Terminal blocks directly feed power districts for now, but circuit breakers/block detection units will soon be placed in line. It's a simple 4x8, but I very much want to experiment with signalling. My feeders are soldered to track rails (one per track...
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    What everyone has been begging for...finally in HO Scale

    He's also selling these. What an odd set of listings. And hey, if you can get someone to pay you $500 for a pair of size 17 Chuck Taylors, more power to you...
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    DCC Newbie - First install

    Bob's correct and gave good advice. I'd add this: When experimenting with decoder programming, make only one change at a time, inspect the result, and be meticulous about recording which changes were made. Unless you already know what to expect, changing more than one value at a time can create...
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    Ditch lights...

    Train Tek really are a great bunch of people. I too, am a stone's throw from their shop, and have spent many a work day lunch hour getting good advice on projects and happily giving them my money! :D Usual disclaimer: I'm in no way affiliated with Train Tek, other than being a satisfied customer.
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    flux paste for soldering flex track

    Yes, use electronics soldering methods. (no acid!) In addition to using 60/40 solder with rosin core flux, I use a flux pen. I originally wanted flux paste, but these were available locally - now I won't use anything else. Just before applying heat, give the joint a little dab. It's...
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    Introduction, Grandfathers legacy build

    Any updates on the layout? Summer's over, get back into the basement! :D
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    which camp are you in ??

    I subscribed to both MR and RMC this year. Most likely though, I won't renew. To me, it's simply not worth the cost, even at discounted subscription rates. Plus, my local library system gets both magazines, so I can borrow them for free.
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    Peco's website is finally getting attention and updating!

    Wow, once you are able to get through, Ben Arnold seems to be a pretty responsive chap.
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    A Prototypical Spaghetti Bowl Layout

    CSX's Beacon Park yard in Boston, MA has one also.
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    My track plan, finally... Would appreciate some critique/advice.

    If I'm reading your suggestion properly, that's a very interesting idea. I'm planning to scenic the lower part of the layout to look like a tiny bit of the town that "butts up" against the industrial area. Abandoned trackage/repurposed right-of-way would fit nicely into that theme. Thanks!
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    My track plan, finally... Would appreciate some critique/advice.

    The spur curve is what initially caught my eye about the plan. So for me, visual interest is definitely the reason I used it - apart from having no idea that it may or may not be prototypical :D. Also, I'd like to try my hand at scratch-building the diamonds. Thanks for the comments!
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    My track plan, finally... Would appreciate some critique/advice.

    Well, it's been several months and I'm not really any closer to getting together a full sized layout. Life and work gets in the way. In the interest of creating some kind of layout, I've decided to build a shelf-style switching plan. For now, I'm going with "Ness St. Yard". I'm not sure if the...
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    Unfinished room, unfinished possibilities...

    Our unfinished, unheated basement is my hobby area. I use it for building R/C aircraft and model railroad layout (progress is painfully slow on the layout). I'm in Massachusetts. Temperature fluctuations aren't the enemy so much as humidity is. My basement's humidity can range from 20% in the...
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    My track plan, finally... Would appreciate some critique/advice.

    Thanks for the great feedback everybody, I very much appreciate it! Based on that feedback, I'm rethinking portions of the original plan, and also working up a larger plan which utilizes more of the available space and incorporates a yard from the start. Unfortunately, we've entered a busy...
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    My track plan, finally... Would appreciate some critique/advice.

    Oh, believe me, the thought of an 8x22 donut has crossed my mind many times. :) I started smaller for a couple reasons: the 8x22 space is my entire allocation for all hobby pursuits. Since R/C airplanes are another hobby of mine, I need to reserve some space for that. Railroading appears to...
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    Third times a charm - W&J

    Yes, joed2323 is absolutely right, DCC is awesome! It's worth every penny. I've got a digitrax setup that I've used with some temporary track layed out. Easy as pie to setup/use and the loco sounds are just crazy. NSHO, love your layout BTW. I look at yours, compare it to my track plan, and... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - An online railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used railroad books. Railroad pictorials, railroad history, steam locomotives, passenger trains, modern railroading. Hundreds of titles available, most at discount prices! We also have a video and children's book section. - An online model railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used books. Layout design, track plans, scenery and structure building, wiring, DCC, Tinplate, Toy Trains, Price Guides and more.