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    A building, a layout, finally!!

    Dumb joke about two totally different uses of the word "siding".
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    A building, a layout, finally!!

    If the industrial sidings go down flat, how come the garage siding goes on the wall?
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    Pacific Electric Sunday

    I'm not seeing any pictures in this thread.
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    Android game: Train and Railyard Simulator

    I have a long airline flight coming up, and I decided to look for a railroad-related game that I could put on my little Android tablet to provide some amusement. With some searching, I found one called "Train and Railyard Simulator", by 3dinteger, based in Latvia of all places. (By the way, I...
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    The Day the Gauge Changed

    Apparently the standard gauge for wagon wheels was the same for centuries. When the first railways were built to carry coal from the mines in northern England, they just put flanged wheels on coal carts and built tracks to fit them, so it was the rails that followed the vehicles, rather than...
  6. J

    Single Slip verses Double Slip Turnouts

    No, I did it freehand with a NMRA gauge and a couple of three-point gauges.
  7. J

    Single Slip verses Double Slip Turnouts

    Let me just slip outside...
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    help me choose hand-laid track templates

    A lot depends on how realistic you want your turnouts to be (ignoring the fact that they're all likely to be a good deal sharper, i.e. lower frog number, than any railroad would use). Most people who handlay track simply leave out the tie plates, for instance. The rails are just spiked or...
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    HO Switching Layout

    In your place, I would try to re-negotiate the real estate deal to get 20 square feet along a wall, rather than a 4x5ft rectangle. You'll hardly have an inch of straight track in that space, and couplers won't work well on tight curves. It's true that you'd have to give up a loop of track, but I...
  10. J

    I want to ride this train

    I thought the caption to the first one was going to be "Take the A train".
  11. J

    Need a structure that can function as a small printing business

    Another good one might be Cutting's Scissors:
  12. J

    Double Radius Turnouts, & interesting modification to a stock Peco one

    If you don't like what's available commercially, make your own.
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    Stranded UK Trains in Snowy Weather

    Trains in southeast England uses third-rail electrical contact with an unprotected rail (except the Channel Tunnel route, which was built entirely new with catenary). This is different from the New York subway, which has a protected third rail, and Metro North commuter services around New York...
  14. J

    Flange-ways in our Turnouts

    There's no spec for the flangeway max depth because the flanges should never reach that far! Hence "bottomless chasms"--make it as deep as you want, as long as it's deep enough. Should I not make cracks like that? (Ha ha) Wheels shouldn't take the wrong route through a frog, regardless of...
  15. J

    Flange-ways in our Turnouts

    It seems obvious to me that if flangeways are deeper than flanges, there will never be a problem. Use bottomless chasms, if you want. The RP-25 standard is designed to give you smooth movement through turnouts, but every part has to match. Change the wheel width, and you'll get better-looking...
  16. J

    Report from the Front! Amherst Railroad Society Hobby Show

    I was intrigued enough by the soccer game that I took a close-up picture of it during a previous Springfield show. Note how every player has an exact match on the opposite team. This wouldn't work if there was an attack on the goal--there would have to be simultaneous events at both ends of the...
  17. J

    Report from the Front! Amherst Railroad Society Hobby Show

    Nah, as I tell my friend who volunteers with one of the Maine 2-foot gauge reconstruction groups, "You're just modeling at 5 inches to the foot". The jug-handle junction is on the "Narragansett Bay Railway & Navigation Company", an On3 model of an imaginary railroad in the marshes of Rhode...
  18. J

    HO Scale Vertical Staging Yard

    Maybe I should apologize for suggesting the bricks as a counterweight, seeing that they cost you $20! I can't find any description of the "roller track" that you plan to use, but obviously whatever guides the carriage needs to have some precision to it. If you haven't got some suitable hardware...
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    A "must model"

    I looked up the "Transandino de Chile". What that video shows is a railbus that occasionally takes tourists up to the current end of track on a former rail link between Chile and Argentina. That route hasn't been officially abandoned, but it last ran in 1984, and the line is now blocked by...
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    HO Scale Vertical Staging Yard

    I'd have thought some selection of bricks from the hardware store would be the cheapest kind of counterweight. I'd be interested to hear the plan for an alignment sensor. This could be a real technical challenge, like the same kind of thing for a turntable. Will there be a locking device, or is... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - An online railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used railroad books. Railroad pictorials, railroad history, steam locomotives, passenger trains, modern railroading. Hundreds of titles available, most at discount prices! We also have a video and children's book section. - An online model railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used books. Layout design, track plans, scenery and structure building, wiring, DCC, Tinplate, Toy Trains, Price Guides and more.