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    How much straight away on an S curve?

    At least the length of the longest car.
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    Building the Walwynn and Western layout

    Ok, ok. I would love to update but the truth is I just haven't had time to work on this layout. I do check into the forum so will answer any questions. Maybe we'll get a great big snow and I'll have to stay inside and get more done. Thanks for the comments.
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    DCC and a turntable

    If not a 'split rial' power feed you can use an Auto-reversing module. I use a Dual Frog juicer setup for auto-reverse on my turn-table.
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    Hand laying track

    FastTrax also has the template for a lot of different turn-outs. These are what I use, not the jigs to build turnouts. Once you've done a few on a paper template then you can build any type or size.
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    Couple dcc questions

    The nce power cab is one of the top recommended DDC systems. I use Digitrax but the NCE is also good and should run 3 modern locos. Try just a search then reading through the DCC sub-forum for lots of additional comments of the NCE system. I use Digitrax decoders for non-sound and Soundtrax...
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    DCC turnout wiring question

    The PECO turnouts are power routed but through the points. I have found that this is not a reliable method so always put feeders on the diverging side of the turnout. One cheat I've done is to solder wires to a pair of rail joiners from each outer rails to the rails past the frog. This way the...
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    New guy here. Looking to learn about N scale, where do I start?

    Just FYI: it is N scale not gauge. Scale is the ratio of the model to the full size train. Gauge to the width to the track on the full size, ie, standard gauge trains run on a track width of 4'-8.5" wide. Then there are several widths on Narrow Gauge tracks. These details can be found in the...
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    Dual speakers for a Tsunami sound decoders

    wrong again. Use Ohm's Law and the power equation to see this.
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    New on here. Starting my first layout

    I used 1/4 Luan as a sub-road bed that was 'cookie cut' and glued onto a the second foam later. This foam layer was also cookie cut to match the sub-road bed and cut/sanded to form the grades. The Luan worked well to provide a transition into and out of the grades. Check my built thread for details.
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    Wiring problem

    Yea, been there with the PCB ties. I now always triple check with an Ohmmeter and a good magnifier each turnout before I put them into the paint shop.
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    Wiring problem

    Red/White wires on same side of the rails as the track goes in a circle? If red is on the outside rails it stays on the outside not front to back, correct? If there isn't a short in a turn-out (PCB tie gap not cut) then it must be you have the drops reversed. Use your Ohmmeter to double check...
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    Thinkin of building a loop over

    What scale? O, HO, N? NMRA has recommended clearances for all scales. Check out the "Gorre and Daphetid" for a loop over layout.
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    Need help the NCE Universal apdater for JMRI software

    The screen shots on the other thread shows the well know Prolific Driver update not working. Here is what Prolific has to say: So first check for which driver is showing up in 'Device Manger'. I've had that issue when I went to...
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    Peco elecro frog vs insolated frog

    For a PECO Electrofog turnout you need to power the Frog with the correct polarity. This can be done with a contacts on a switch motor, or a manual throw. A Electrofog turnout is just Fast Track hand built turnouts. What I use to power isolated Frog is a Frog Juicer from Tam Valley...
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    Home layout design using Free-mo

    Here is a link to a module build (unsure if it fits any standard but shows methods). He does hand laid track and turn-outs and has another article on how to. My home layout (see build link below) is done in two 'modules'. This was in case I ever...
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    Mdc roundhouse kits

    Here is a slight kitbash and painting of the MDC 2-8-0. It the SP Consolidation: I also built that kit some years ago. I did add lots of brass detail parts from Cal Scale. I do have power pick-up problems from time to time but other wise it runs well. This one have...
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    TamValleyDepot Train Shuttle

    This is the first Shuttle controller I've seen for DCC. I've only seen this for DC locos before. Right, it is not a DCC auto-reverser since a DCC decoder does not care what the track polarity is. The auto-reverser just matches polarity of track at gaps to prevent a short circuit. This Shuttle...
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    HO Hand laid track and turnouts

    I gave a reply in the other forum you asked this question. But do see my build thread in this forum for some details on hand laying track.
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    are HO and 1:87 the same thing?

    And many times the scale is simply stated as 87:1 whereas to be exact it is 3.5mm = 1 foot which is close to 87.1:1 but is really 87.086015:1 Who wants to say or print 87.086015:1 whereas simply 87:1 indicates this is HO scale. NMRA Standards:
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    Twist Ties?

    Yep, I also use thumb tacks to temperately put track down. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to