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    First Broadway Limited experience, and it wasn't good

    Yes, this. They can be slow to respond, but they are a small operation, their tech help department is all of four people, and it's the holiday season. They DO get back to you, and they're quite helpful, as you should see further up this thread from when I had my problem. Since then, I've...
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    Oily Residue from Smoke Generators

    So my son's BLI Class J is back, and he overfilled the smoker. There is now oil residue all over the engine. What's the best way to clean it?
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    MTH big boy is broke already!

    Most major companies manufacture in China now. It's not the exception, it's the rule. Very few toys are made in the USA.
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    First Broadway Limited experience, and it wasn't good

    Just a follow-up to this; we just got the loco back from BLI's service department. The included notice indicated that they replaced the decoder with an updated version. We laid out our track last night and ran it for about an hour (it was just 15 minutes before the copious smoke drove my SO...
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    Dont buy Athearn Genesis GP9

    Of everything you mention, only the fridge would bother me enough to post on the internet about it...
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    Improving Athearn 'Blue Box' locomotives

    I tried LEDs, but wound up with a stock of minitronix bulbs.
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    Locomotive Brands

    I'm looking at the SD70ACE NYC Heritage unit. I see it's available from Both Athearn ("soon") and MTH. The price is about the same for each, so I was wondering which I should go with? I don't have any MTH locos, but someone once told me they're "Cadalliac bodies with Yugo motors". The only...
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    Sound and DC vs DCC Power?

    All you need for newer stuff to convert to DCC is the DCC board; older stuff takes a little soldering skill, but it's easy to do once you learn how. If you're going to do this, I suggest using decoders that come with or plug into a wiring harness, that way you can't accidentally cook the...
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    What lower cost kits have replaced the old Athern "Blue Box"?

    You can also hit the local train shows, lots of dealers have "new old stock" Athearn kits. This has been a great source of rolling stock for my kid and I; he's nine; a little messy with the glue, but getting better.
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    Improving Athearn 'Blue Box' locomotives

    If you could, please! My biggest issue is how to secure the headlight bulbs.
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    Improving Athearn 'Blue Box' locomotives

    I've acquired a bad habit of buying old 'new in box' Athearn locomotives. My last three were an AC4400, C44-9W, and a Baldwin S12. I've installed decoders and replaced headlights in previous locks, but now I'm getting a little more ambitious. I bought an SDH163 and speaker for one of the road...
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    Bachmann HO 60806 GP30 w/ DCC, B&O

    I've got four Bachmann DCC locos (HO), one a Spectrum model. Of the four, three came with little pins to put in in place of the DCC decoder. The fourth came with the EZ Command set, and doesn't have a separate decoder board.
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    Bachmann HO 60806 GP30 w/ DCC, B&O

    "compatible" means read the instructions. To my knowledge, Bachmann doesn't use dual-mode decoders, so you likely need to remove the decoder and install the bypass block, which is usually included.
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    Jerome's Switcher Roster

    Now if I only had the patience to model the way you do...I missed the boat on this: and really want to get my hands on one.
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    Jerome's Switcher Roster

    Dr. Phil Latios? Mike Hunt's Furrier? Ben Dover Accountants? Love the detail, Karl...
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    First Broadway Limited experience, and it wasn't good

    I couldn't say for certain who I spoke to, but they were very grumpy sounding; complaining about people not having patience with their turnaround time (5 weeks on a brand-new $300 item and I should be patient?) and that so many people include their life stories when they send in their items for...
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    Tyco 244 Alco 430 Restoration

    If the loco was converted to modern couplers, the brackets would be removed.
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    First Broadway Limited experience, and it wasn't good

    Thanks for giving me a bright side to show him!
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    First Broadway Limited experience, and it wasn't good

    Spoke to their customer service today. Very gruff, bordering on rude, but mostly got right to the point of things, so I guess 'average' for my customer service experiences. Shipped via Fedex, so it cost me $$, and a five-week turnaround time. So, the kid and I will have it back in our hands...
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    First Broadway Limited experience, and it wasn't good

    I followed all the reset instructions on their website. Glad to know their warranty service is good. I figured worst case, I'd deal with my credit card company's warranty policy. Right now, I'm just waiting to hear from BLI. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to