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    Securing track to cork roadbed

    I have most of the cork secured with caulk onto a foam base and am locating turnouts on the roadbed. I will use track nails to hold the track in position. What did you use to secure your track and turnouts to your roadbed and what do wish you had used? Serious suggestions so far are: caulk...

    N Scale houses

    Does anyone know if DPM makes kits for mill houses or ranch style homes? I have not found anything at the various websites I checked. Any other suggestions for N scale houses kits, as I want to kit-bash several styles. Thanks for any information

    Bachman Decoder address change

    I cannot change the default 03 address on my new Spectrum 2-10-2. I am able to program the new 4 digit address with a Digitax Zephyr, but when I return to acquire the engine, nothing happens. It is a non-sound decoder and works well on the 03 default address. A fellow club member has the...

    NS burgandy car & engine?

    Returned to work from lunch today and found a black and white NS GP38-2 on the siding attached to a shiney burgandy NS engine and business car. The engine looked like the GP38-2, less the turbine fans. The top of the engine was notched about 10 feet for the missing area. Had "RESEARCH" in...

    Track cleaning car FYI

    Short message: clean the wheels of the track cleaning car, too! My MRR club displays the layout for about 10 weeks at a local children's museum. The 20' x 30' layout runs two loops continueously for 8-10 hours a day and we try to run the track cleaners at least once a day. We purchased 4 new...

    More Birmingham Mines & Railroads

    Many people have followed Grande Man's photo adventures arounf the mines and rails of Birmingham. I stumbled across a site with the journals of a Seaboard Railroad supervisor recalling his life and times in throughout the Birmingham area. He discusses the relations between the mines and...


    Does anyone still make ground cover from sawdust colored with dyes or thinned latex paint? I have about 3 quarts of pine and fir sawdust I would like to try to color and dry in batches to see how this "old school" method works for me. Any advice? Mikey

    Has gas prices cut into your modeling?

    How has the price of gas affected you? Fewer trips to the LHS? More shopping on the web? Personally, I have done both, and cut back on some railfanning trips. I try to consolidate needed trips and find that shopping closer to home is often cheaper than going to Walmart for a couple of...

    ARG get together

    The Alabama Rail Gang pretty well hijacked Ken's thread about his trip to Alabama. Our apologies to Ken! So many folks would have liked to meet Ken that the thread wandered into an attempt to meet at the Irondale Cafe in the Birmingham area for the ARG and any others that show up. Date not...

    Shay train by Roundhouse

    I recently acquired several cars and a couple engines at an estate sale. Included in the box were several freight and passenger cars promoting the SHAY Company engines like "billboard" box cars. These are "old timer" 7 cars and a caboose They were made by Roundhouse. I have not seen these...


    Other than Dullcoat, what other products would you use to seal a freshly weathered boxcar? What about a wood structure?

    Fun Fare 6/12

    Shopping in Dallas' swank Neiman Marcus store one morning I noticed a tall cowboy with a ten-gallon hat, faded Levi's and high-heeled boots, typical of our West Texas stockmen. As I watched, a salesgirl asked if she might help him. "No, ma'am, I reckon not, was his reply. "I ain't never seen so...

    Weekend Fun Fare

    Published in 1949: In Birmingham, Alabama, cruising police cars got a radio call: "Car X-Y-3, Car X-Y-3, go to Third Avenue and 14th Street-- a nude woman running down the street....... All other cars remain on your beat. That is all."

    Fun Fare 6/6/06

    Driving into a service station, a motorist asked for ten gallons of gas. Three servicemen hopped to work smartly--cleaning windshield, checking tires and water, etc. The driver paid his bill and drove off. A few minutes later he returned and asked: "Did any of you put gas in my car?" The three...

    Fun Fare 6/5

    Mother snatching up a toddler who has just smashed a lamp:" That settles it! You are going to be an only child!"

    Care to make an estimate?

    The radio program "Information Please" was once sued for $17.62. One night when Alice Marble was a guest, the men were adjured to shut their eyes and tell the colors of their neckties. A man driving through Boston, with his radio turned on, heard that query. He also closed his eyes, hit the car...

    Fun Fare 6/2..non-violent reaction.

    A prim old Quaker lady was driving her shiney new car in Philadelphia. Sussenly, at a cross street, a heavy truck was unable to stop until it had collided, crumpling a fender, breaking a window and gouging a hole in the side of her car. Infuriated, the lady managed to control herself only by...

    Further Fun Fare -6/01

    Lady traveling with a friend to airline pilot: "Now don't start going faster than sound. We want to talk."

    Fun Fare 5/31 .... Farewell

    As told by actress Ann Sothern (and Lady Railfan) in Wolf Calls: Wolves are like railroad trains-- you like to hear the whistle even if you don't want to go any place! This is the last of the railroad themed stories from the 1949 copy of Fun Fare: A Treasury of Reader's Digest Wit and...

    Fun Fare 5/29

    Among the crowd hurrying through Los Angeles' Union Station to board the midnight sleeper was a tall striking blonde. She wore an expensive fur coat, her hair was hidden by a becoming turban, and her sun-tanned legs were bare. Upon boarding the train she went right to her berth, and it was then... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to