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  1. railBuilderDhd

    Does anyone remember this structure?

    Made me think of the Bady Bunch house. Lol Dave
  2. railBuilderDhd

    Fixing Atlas Custom Line turnouts

    Thanks for the pictures. I see now what is done. Dave
  3. railBuilderDhd

    Hello From Hobbytronics

    Love to know more about what you offfer. Welcome. Dave
  4. railBuilderDhd

    Fixing Atlas Custom Line turnouts

    I would like to see the jumper wire as well ted. Dave
  5. railBuilderDhd


    That would be so great. I’m going to try and get up there in the next few months but I will give you time to make plans. How cool. Dave
  6. railBuilderDhd

    Decoder Manufacture for the Bachmann GE 70 Tonner

    what’s a good option to get to add a sound decoder to those locos? Dave
  7. railBuilderDhd


    Hey DJ I’m enjoying your YouTube videos and often chat with you there. I just realized you are here as well. We need to talk some time about places to go exploring in Pitt next time I’m up there. Dave
  8. railBuilderDhd

    Walthers Mainline vs Athearn Roundhouse

    Can someone tell me what is the best sound decoder for the Athearn Roundhouse AC4400 locos? I got one so I can model the train in unstoppable. My son loves that movie. Dave
  9. railBuilderDhd

    Fun with Arduino - a Series of Introductory Videos

    I started working with these a long time ago but it’s been a few years now since I’ve had a chance to make anything with these yet. I will keep up with this and contribute as I can. Dave
  10. railBuilderDhd

    Foam Fumes

    the respirator is a must when indoor foam cutting with a hot wire. Just my thoughts after I got my first smell of that when I first cut foam. Dave
  11. railBuilderDhd

    UTLX decals.

    What Tony said, Matt has great looking decals and I have plans to get custom decals made there. Dave
  12. railBuilderDhd

    Reading electronic schematics

    Hi Frederick, I will work up an email with examples of the differences I question for youto review. I'll send those along with the PDF file you you. We can discuss more there and follow up here with the findings. Thanks. Dave
  13. railBuilderDhd

    Running Bear's Coffee Shop May 2018

    Wow that is a great picture! I would love to see more of the pictures you had sometime. Dave
  14. railBuilderDhd

    Reading electronic schematics

    I assume the small differences I see on the components wouldn't make a big difference but I would like to ask and learn as I just don't know. I feel better about building this myself if I know the whole picture and know I'm not going to blow up my home doing it (LOL). I know that the amount of...
  15. railBuilderDhd

    Just joined and saying hello.

    Hi Fred. Welcome back to the hobby and I can tell that all those things that are so new to you will be fun and exciting to learn and use in your new adventure. I can tell you that this forum will be a great resource to have to help learn all those things you want to update yourself to the...
  16. railBuilderDhd

    Reading electronic schematics

    I was thinking of using 1/4 since I have handful of different 1/4 watt resistors. For the capacitors I wondered if the only information provided (the uF size) is all I need to worry about. The full-wave bridge I noticed there are different sizes that have some settings like the mA each one is...
  17. railBuilderDhd

    Reading electronic schematics

    I was looking at some schematics about DCC signal to Arduino to use DCC to operate the Arduino. The schematic I have found it very detailed but many of the items listed do not have all the specs so I'm not sure what components to purchase. I know I'm very new at electronics so I wanted to know...
  18. railBuilderDhd

    Homemade Fire Hoses?

    I can't wait to see what you came up with. Dave
  19. railBuilderDhd

    Paint removal

    Pine Sol cleaner has worked for me before but be sure to wear gloves, TRUST ME!! And the model smells so nice when you are done LOL. dave is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to