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    For Sale MRC Prodigy Wireless Controller

    I have For Sale an MRC Prodigy Wireless DCC Controller 0001411 new in box. This wireless handheld controller is new in box and never used. Rechargeable batteries, built in charger, battery voltage display, charges while you operate, exceptional range with 128 speed steps and 28 functions. This...
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    For Sale Fast Tracks Jig HO Code 83

    I have For Sale a Fast Tracks #6 turnout assembly jig, HO Code 83, used but not abused. I have an extra now so this one can move along to someone who has been looking for an inexpensive way to own one. It has been in use and not abused. These things just don't wear out if taken care of...
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    For Sale, Digitrax PS2012 power supply

    I have For Sale, a Digitrax PS2012, 20 AMP power supply barely used. In original box with all paper and packing. Will handle N, HO and G and will operate one or more boosters. Has DC output current meter, integrated cooling fan and "Y" cable 5 amp with protected outputs. This unit was operated...
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    For Sale Atlas Code 100 HO Custom Line Mark 3 turnouts Nickel Silver

    I have For Sale Atlas Code 100 HO Custom Line Mark 3 turnouts. 3 #283 Left hand and 3 #284 Right hand. Nickel silver and never used still in the package. These are not "Snap Track" so they do require motion equipment. Price for this lot is $50.00 plus $5.00 for shipping to a U S destination...
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    For Sale (9) Caboose Industries 220 S Ground Throw with contacts New in package.

    I have For Sale (9) Caboose Industries 220 S Ground Throw with contacts. they have a .165 throw. New in package. Price for all 9 is $35.00 plus $6.00 shipping via USPS Priority Mail to a U S only destination. Payment via PayPal or a check from a forum member only. These are excess to my needs...
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    For Sale Athearn ATH98542 Underframe SD40/45 HO Sound ready.

    I have, For Sale an Athearn ATH98542 Underframe SD40/45 HO Sound ready. This item is new in package. Price for this iem is $28.00 which includes shipment via USPS Priority Mail to a U S destination only. Payment is via PayPal. This item is surplus to my needs. Thanks Wayne
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    Fast Tracks Bullfrog manual turnout control kits

    I have for sale a ten pack of Fast Tracks Bullfrog Manual turnout switch machines. This is an unopened package of ten complete kits. Price for this package is $58.00 shipped via USPS Priority Mail to a U S destination only. Payment is via PayPall. This is surplus to my current needs. Thanks Wayne
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    Buffer Car service

    Any advice about availability of HO "Buffer Car" decals. Haven't been able to find anything anywhere. Thanks Wayne
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    Programing a BLI Trackmobile

    Any suggestions for improvement over defaults on the BLI Trackmobile? Thanks Wayne
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    HO layout background height

    I am currently starting construction of my benchwork. Plans are for modules of a maximum depth of 24 inches. It will be a free standing layout around the wall with potentially a peninsula. I am considering a backdrop with just a simple light sky blue color. There will be no background for the...
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    Three Way?

    I have salvaged a module that was built with Walthers Cornerstone 3 track engine shop and back shop. Three track approach. The track centers are 3 inches. So now the question is a logical access the shop. I thought of using a #6 threeway switch but can anyone estimate how much space that would...
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    Walthers Turnouts DCC friendly?

    How can I determine which Walthers turnouts are DCC friendly or not. What do I do to the turnouts to make them DCC friendly? Thanks wayne
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    Repurposing HO layout

    I am currently repurposing an HO layout to a Lionel layout for my grandson. HO just did not hold his interest. It's an open grid L-shaped set up and in the end it probably will remain flat. I would like to use the two sheets of homosote I have to top the layout. Somewhere recently there was a...
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    Turnout throw location

    What determines the location of the turnout throw? Just working on a module and did it once before but never asked what side does the turnout throw belong on prototypicaly. Does it make a differance for a siding, yard or spur. Thanks Wayne
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    Atlas coupler sub

    I just took delivery on Atlas Masterline 20-001-552 LEF&C single door boxcar. I do prefer Kadee couplers so I went about attempting a change out. Surprise, a very short coupler and I thought a Kadee #27 would do the trick. No deal, length looked fine but the draft gear end was to wide. I saw...
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    Atlas Customline turnouts

    I would like some information about Atlas Customline turnouts. What are the exact differences between Mark 2, 3 and 4 Customline Turnouts. Thanks wayne
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    Tank Cars

    Can anyone enlighten me about what todays typical tank cars look like that haul petroleum base lubricants such as motor oil or lubricants for metal working. I am not to sure about a current tank car I need for a petroleum products sales business or recycler. It's obvious that ethanol, corn syrup...
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    HO Code 100 to code 83 transition

    In planning a future code 83 layout, I have thought of using code 100 in my staging yard to cut some expense. I would like some input on issues or preparations I might encounter using code 100 in staging and the transitioning to code 83 for the rest of the layout. My intent would be to use Atlas...
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    Model Railroad events SanFrancisco

    Are there any Model Railroad events in SanFrancisco, Ca while I am in the area from approx 10/3/12 thru 10/21/12. Our daughters wedding is the reason for the trip but I will have time to check things out. Thanks Wayne
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    Atlas HO turnouts

    I am unable to access information concerning the differance between #6 505/506 Atlas Super Track turnout vs #6 563/564 Custom Line turnouts. BTW anybody venture a guess on why Atlas on offers a #6 in the Super Track and no #8. Thanks Wayne is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to