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  1. josephbw

    New Oxford HO models

    Here is a link to new vehicle models from Oxford. They have high quality, inexpensive models that look great on any layout. These are for future delivery, but they are going to be on my layout as soon as they are available. Enjoy! Joe
  2. josephbw

    Model Railroad Swap Meet - Greenville, OH 3-3-2019

    The Darke Co. Model Railroad Club is holding our 38th annual Train Show on Sunday March 3, 2019 from 10am to 3pm. This will be held at the Darke Co. Fairgrounds Youth Bldg., at 800 Sweitzer St. (St Rt 49) at the south end of Greenville, Ohio 45331. Coming in from the south turn left at the first...
  3. josephbw

    Who makes the best...........

    code 70 rail joiners? And I may also need some transition 83 to 70 joiners. I won't be using insulated joiners, never liked how they held the rail. Thank you, Joe
  4. josephbw

    Loco speakers opinions

    What speakers do you recommend for fairly full range output for an 8 ohm 1 watt speaker w/ enclosure? I have found that MRC speakers rattle and sound fuzzy, but Digitrax sound pretty good, but the ones with enclosures are fairly large. I looked at Knowles Grand speaker but Digi-Key doesn't stock...
  5. josephbw

    What would you do?

    As President of our local model railroad club, I have the unenviable task of pointing out a members objectionable body odor. I only see him at operating sessions twice a month. He has been a member for a little over 2 years, and I can remember only one time when he must have bathed within the...
  6. josephbw

    Problem with club engine

    We have a Life Like by Walthers GP-20 at the club that has had issues, been repaired, now has more issues. This engine was bought at a flea market, and we've had it about 4-5 years. Several months ago the engine developed the dreaded split gear lope. I ordered new Athearn gears, bored out the...
  7. josephbw

    ? for the Canadian steam experts

    I was watching a video of the restoration of the CN 2816 4-6-4 tonight. In one shot they had the engineer at the throttle and right in front of him was a round object that looked similar to a small trailer wheel. Is that the throttle, or what does it do? It was about 12" in dia., and maybe 5-6...
  8. josephbw

    I got my Rail Pro today

    I ordered the Rail Pro system from Yankee Dabbler on Sat. afternoon, and received it this morning at 11:30. That's 2 days from NJ to western Ohio including Sunday! :) I'll have to install a decoder and some track, then fire up the system and test it out. I'll follow up later.
  9. josephbw

    LED layout lighting

    Has anyone used LED's to light their layout? I bought a case of LED fixtures from China, but with a 60% failure rate, I'm not going to use them. Now I'm thinking about using the LED's that come on a reel with about 16' of adhesive backed strips per reel. My plan is to install metal corner beads...
  10. josephbw

    Turnout control w/motorized switches

    When I finally get my layout going, I want to use motorized turnouts like Tortoise, or servos. I would also like to set them up like I did for our club using Peco switches and a diode matrix to eliminate backfeeding of other turnouts. The purpose would be to throw multiple switches with one...
  11. josephbw

    Shock and Awe

    I was completely blindsided last week. I went to my Dr. for my semi annual blood work on Tues., and while there I told him about a tightness in my throat upon exertion that started getting worse recently. He talked me into a stress test on Weds., which I flunked. Then that led to a heart cath...
  12. josephbw

    Trainworld exceeded my expectations today.

    I have been purchasing model RR equipment mostly from Trainworld recently due to the lower cost , fast shipping, and excellent selection. I sent in an order last night that was big enough to earn the $50 Fathers Day discount. I always send it in with the provision to cancel out of stock items...
  13. josephbw

    BLI Rolling Thunder decoders and sound unit.

    I received an e-mail this morning from Trainworld announcing they are taking backorders for the new BLI sound system with a sub woofer to capture the low frequency sounds. Here is a link to their web page with more info...
  14. josephbw

    They did it to me again!

    I was the President of our local model RR club for over 20 years, then retired for health reasons. Yesterday I was elected President once again even though I didn't vote for myself. :D Oh well, it's not like I don't know how to do the job.
  15. josephbw

    Anyone tried Rail Pro?

    I haven't bought any control equipment yet, and have been looking at Digitrax. Today I took a serious look at Rail Pro by Ring Engineering. It looks like a unique, easy system, but I'm always skeptical of "New & Improved" claims. Have any of you installed or used this system? I would appreciate...
  16. josephbw

    LED ceiling fixtures

    Have any of you ever used LED fixtures for layout lighting? I've been thinking about using these lights, . Or maybe these...
  17. josephbw

    Just 1 letter can make a world of difference.

    I was reading a story about a professional photographer that used HO vehicles in his photos. The article said that the cars were very highly detailed and made by Riko. So I get on the interweb and do a search for Riko. What pops up but a website teaser extolling the virtues of a lovely Japanese...
  18. josephbw

    Amazing Machine Laying Railroad Tracks Enjoy, Joe
  19. josephbw

    Lindberg trucks

    Does anyone know where I can find some of the old Lindberg line of trucks? I bought a bunch of them back in the 80's, but I just don't see them any more. I used to buy/sell on eBay, but since they started that Paypal nonsense, I don't go there any more.
  20. josephbw

    Product Warning Alert

    Tonight I was in my workshop working on a boxcar, and tuning up the couplers. I picked up my Kadee powdered graphite, gave it a very gentle squeeze, and was instantly drenched in powdered graphite. The tube literally disintegrated in my hand sending the mess on my sweatshirt, my lap, the... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to