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    A couple of NP boxcars (HO scale)

    Hi all, I finished work on a project of mine concerning modification of two Trix/Marklin boxcars to NP prototypes. Following some work with styrene on the sills, the cars were painted with Tamiya/Gunze paints. I used Microscale's decals for early and late NP schemes. The roofs were painted with...
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    Northern Pacific 50' Double Door boxcar question

    Hi all, I am looking into a project concerning a NP, circa 6100-6500 series, 50' double door boxcar. They appeared in both billboard and early schemes. Their door openings are centered with respect to the boxcar's center-line and they appear to have two same-width doors. Now based on what i...
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    An ATSF Kadee boxcar (HO)

    Hi all, I recently finished work on a Kadee boxcar. It has been painted with Tamiya/Alclad2 paints. I used Microscale decals. The boxcar has been weathered using salt-weathering for the roof and enamels for the sides. I hope you like it and thank you very much in advance for your time and...
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    40' vs 50' Boxcar for lumber loads (late 1960s - early 70s)

    Hi all, I have read around about suitable boxcars carrying lumber in related books and forum threads. I saw a lot of informative answers/info about different eras. I got a very specific question: Whether 40' or 50' boxcars (or both) would be more appropriate for bringing in lumber loads for a...
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    Covered Hopper cars for plastic pellets (Plastics factory rolling stock HO)

    Hi all, I am planning/considering a plastics (molding) factory for my layout (1968-70 period). Following some research i came up with a candidate for the cars carrying pellets incoming loads in Bachmann's ACF 56' centerflow covered hopper. I am wondering if this particular car is a reasonable...
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    How many sound decoders in an F unit consist?

    Hi all, As the title implies i am after taking some decisions about some F unit consists i plan to convert from DC to DCC. In particular, all are Genesis units and the two consists i will be having are ABBBA and AABBA. Middle B unit in the consist ABBBA is a dummy. I was wondering if it is a...
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    Kadee 158 vs 148 on 85' Passenger (Walthers) cars

    Hi all, I recently bought some Walthers Proto 85' PS and Budd cars. I am in the process of changing the couplers to Kadee. Since i had only #158 available (the ones i use on freight cars and locomotives), i tried some 158s on a few cars. Dragging a consist by hand as a quick (but inconclusive...
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    ATSF LA Division, 2nd District. The Cucamonga, Pasadena and East LA RR (HO scale)

    Good morning everyone! Following good advice from fellow modelers, reading and research, i have settled on track-plans for two layouts. One for a future space/home, and one for my current home. Key point here is that the current one is derived from the future one. I started off with what i...
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    PFE 40' Reefer Weathering (HO scale)

    As with the BX52 class boxcars in a different thread, i finished weathering a few PFE reefers (made by Trix, HO scale). Enamels, oils, airbrushed acrylics and salt weathering used. Factory Fresh... Adding salt :D Finished
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    ATSF BX52 Boxcars weathered (HO Scale)

    Hi all, I finished the weathering on a couple of ATSF 40' boxcars, BX52 class. They are Walthers mainline models. I used various oils/enamels for weathering, in combination with salt weathering and airbrushing various weathering mixes. Thanks for stopping by! Yannis Factory fresh...
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    GP35 ATSF Phase I, Weathered. (HO, Athearn RTR)

    Hi all, I recently finished weathering an Athearn GP35 (RTR) as a prelude to some Kato GP35 units that are in line for detailing/painting/weathering. I kept the factory paint since it matched Microscale's yellow decals (i renumbered it to 1327 from 3309, but haven't had the chance to change...
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    ATSF EMD E8m Kitbash from SP E9 (HO)

    Hi all, I recently finished up an ATSF E8m locomotive originating from an SP E9A. The finished model represents the E8m late in it's service life (mid to late 60s, new antenna, extra grab irons, etc...). Following paint removal and disassembly, the required mods/upgrades were done using styrene...
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    Local freight train switching / operations question

    Hi all, I am considering changing around some industrial tracks on my layout (in order to get rid of a major industrial siding on an incline) and i got the following issue to figure out. Would the following make sense: A local freight train leaves lets say a yard (originating point) going...
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    Silhouette type electronic/robo-cutters and Model Railroad Projects (fluting)

    Hi all, I was reading around about the Silhouette Cameo / Portrait / Curio cutters. They appear to be very interesting for various projects that i have in mind. I was wondering if any members have any hands-on experience with these models. I have read several pages on the topic for various...
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    Northern San Diego Layout plan (HO scale)

    Hi all, After planning / designing various alternatives for the (dream) layout for my next place (which I am also planning) I ended up with the following plan which I thought I could share with fellow members in order to exchange ideas (even if it is a plan for the near future). Needless to say...
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    Brewery (HO scale)

    Hi all, Following the discussion and the great help i got from fellow members in this thread I started off with using the Champion packing plant from walthers and kitbashed it to a medium sized brewery. Lots of...
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    Insulated boxcar 50' questions (ATSF) HO scale

    Hi all, Before ordering something wrong or arranging my kit-bashed brewery's* doors in such a way, i concluded-decided that 50' insulated boxcars should be ideal for outgoing loads of beer in a mid-sixties setting. On the bottling plant of my brewery with a minor alteration, the warehouse doors...
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    Brewery Questions

    Hi all, Inspired by some discussions in the forum and after doing some research on breweries and seeing photos of old breweries in CA i came up with a few questions. I was wondering if a brewery with a main brewery/bottling building at about the size of Walthers champion packing house or the...
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    ATSF Grand Canyon Limited Question

    Hi all, I have been reading some ATSF books lately and did find out that the Grand Canyon Limited coming from Chicago would breakup at Barstow in two parts, westbound for LA and northbound for SF. I am wondering if the trip from Barstow to Bakersfield (and vice-versa) was done with a separate...
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    Diesel Servicing Facility questions

    Hi all, I am planning an extension of my layout to include a small diesel maintenance / servicing facility. It spurs off the ladder of my main yard* and it includes 4-5 parallel tracks. The plan is that 3 tracks end up inside a walthers diesel shop which i have ordered, while 1-2 tracks are... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to