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  1. Olie

    Project Log: Lionel HO Freedom Train

    I received the Walthers 290-2012 trucks and truck mounting adapters. I just stacked them on top of each other and ran a bolt through all of it using a nut on the inside. Holds perfectly and I don't need to glue the two adapters together. Put some lighting in the observation car. Shines right...
  2. Olie

    Project Log: Lionel HO Freedom Train

    I finally found a completed 5 car set with the 4449 off of fleabay. I'll be pulling it with the re-released BLI Reading T1. Thank you for sharing your experiences with the Lionel cars. I have already ordered new trucks and I finally figured out how to get the roof off. I will be trying to model...
  3. Olie

    Decoder for Miller Engineering Signs

    Update: I wired in a TCS FL2 decoder and it works flawlessly. The output on the FL2 is 12V at 100ma. Running directly from the decoder to the Miller Engineering converter module which drops the current to 4.5V. Function 1 now controls the signs via DCC.
  4. Olie

    Decoder for Miller Engineering Signs

    Normally I would agree but in this case, I don't have much choice. This is a ceiling track so power supplies are limited. Besides, it only draws 95ma
  5. Olie

    Decoder for Miller Engineering Signs

    It took some searching but from what I can tell, the AC adapter to power the signs puts out 4.5V at 300ma. Says it will power up to 3 signs. If this is the case, then I simply need to provide 4.5V DC at approx. 100ma to run a single sign. Correct?
  6. Olie

    Decoder for Miller Engineering Signs

    Now there's an idea. I'm going to look into this. Thanks!!
  7. Olie

    Decoder for Miller Engineering Signs

    I thought about the toggle switch but this track is my ceiling track so it would require running the wiring down to a switch. I was hoping to be able to control it via DCC. Might have to look at the arduino set up too.
  8. Olie

    Decoder for Miller Engineering Signs

    I have a Miller Engineering sign and am powering it from track power through a Converter module. I have been trying to figure out how to wire a decoder in to control turning the sign on and off. The lighting decoders I've found are for controlling individual LEDs, not act as a track power...
  9. Olie

    Vallejo conversion table

    This might help as well. Chapter 2
  10. Olie

    Vallejo conversion table

    Here's a couple I use.
  11. Olie


  12. Olie

    20 Day Trestle

    Pretty amazing.
  13. Olie

    Forum Notification - ISSUE RESOLVED-

    Click the Alerts tab in the upper right. Then select preferences. You can decide what you want to generate emails and other notifications from that screen.
  14. Olie

    Your Layout After Dark

  15. Olie

    Dead Athearn Genesis GP38-2

    Which decoder do you have? Does it have a capacitor? I ran into something similar recently with a loksound decoder I put a capacitor into. Ran fine until I tried to change the loco address. Thought I cooked it. Took out the capacitor, checked all the wiring and connections and she works fine now.
  16. Olie

    Opinions on scale

    I had a hard time choosing as well so what I did was run both. I move a lot (military) so a permanent layout is out of the question. In the house we're in now, I put a ceiling track up in my living room which is HO. Shows the train but no scenery. Then I built a small N scale dog bone layout...
  17. Olie

    Slippery situation

    Cool video, thanks for sharing.
  18. Olie

    I'm finding this Forum to be having troubles.

    Who cleaned the track last?
  19. Olie

    SOLD - 13 Brand new N gauge Peco turnouts

    Oh good. I'm glad we were able to make that happen.
  20. Olie

    Dewalt chalk line chalk

    Thank you for the kind words. I am very pleased as to how well it turned out. My wife says I spend too much time on the intricate details. If memory serves, the chalk cleaned up fairly easily with soap and water. I don't recall there being much of a "mess" as I went slowly and did a little bit... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to